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The Street Profits defeated The Undisputed Era to retain NXT Tag Team Titles

The bell rang, and we got dueling chants early on while O’Reilly and Dawkins started. Dawkins rushed O’Reilly into the corner after some words, but backed off and smiled. O’Reilly slapped him in the face while the referee tried to separate them. They tangled, but Dawkins slammed O’Reilly on the mat. Dawkins kept control on the mat and slammed O’Reilly again. He dropped O’Reilly with a shoulder. Fish tagged in and went to work on Dawkins. Dawkins dropped Fish with a shoulder.

Ford tagged in for the double team, connecting with a dropkick. He took Fish down for a count. Ford kept control, and we got another quick tag and the double team from the champions. He went back at Fish, but Fish unloaded with strikes. Fish tossed Ford to the floor and tagged in O’Reilly. Ford fought off the double team but got dropped with a forearm. O’Reilly backed Ford into the corner with more offense while fans did dueling chants again. Both teams tangled at once. Fish got sent to the floor, and O’Reilly was dropped on his face with the double team.

Ford ended up laid out on the floor by Fish. O’Reilly came back in and went at it with Dawkins. Dawkins chased O’Reilly out and back in, but Fish tagged in. He connected O’Reilly to uppercuts and slammed Fish while he came in off the tag. Fish dropped Dawkins with a big elbow off the ropes. He controlled Dawkins for a few minutes and kept pounding while he’s down. O’Reilly came back in and kept Dawkins down while fans try to rally for The Profits. Dawkins fought up and traded strikes with O’Reilly.

Fish tagged back in and went to knock Ford off the apron, but Ford dodged it. He turned around to a backdrop from Dawkins. Ford tagged in and unloaded on Fish. Fish hit a big leaping lariat. Ford dropped O’Reilly as he came in. He hit a belly-to-back and a standing moonsault to Fish for a two count. Ford mounted offense to Fish, but he couldn’t get the win. O’Reilly knocked Dawkins off the apron. Eventually, Fish tagged him back in for the big double team moves. Ford still kicked out at two.

Fans chant “this is awesome!” while Ford battled the challengers. He ended up on the top, but he continued fighting his opponents off. Fish hit a super Exploder from the top. O’Reilly followed up with a big knee drop and then applied the ankle submission. Dawkins was down on the outside while Ford reached for a rope. Fish flew in and nailed Ford while he’s locked in. O’Reilly re-positioned the hold and tightened it. Dawkins ran in and slammed O’Reilly onto Fish to break the hold. However, fans went wild and chanted for NXT as all four competitors were laid out.

Finally, Dawkins tagged in and unloaded on both opponents. He hit a huge overhead belly-to-belly on O’Reilly for a pop. Dawkins took the reactions in and waited for Kyle but ran into a big knee strike. Kyle caught him in a guillotine while Ford came off the top with a big Blockbuster. Fish broke the pin up just in time. Both teams traded shots. O’Reilly and Ford were the only ones in the ring. Ford sent Kyle out and ran the ropes, nailing a massive dive on both of his challengers. Fish and Kyle came back in. Dawkins hit a Spear on both. Ford followed up with a big Frogsplash on O’Reilly for the pin to retain.

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