The Street Profits, Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins came out first for tonight’s main event. The OC – Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson and the WWE United States Champion AJ Styles were out next. In addition, we saw how The OC beat Ford and Dawkins down last week. Styles taunted The Profits for not being able to find a partner. He asked if he’s invisible or imaginary, or if last week’s beatdown just scared away any potential partners, or maybe The Profits were lying about finding a teammate.

The Phenomenal One talked trash some more. The match was underway after the break with no partner for Ford and Dawkins insight. Vic said the show wasn’t over yet, gave them time. Ford started with Anderson, and they went at it. Anderson took control, but Ford turned it around and dropkicked him to the floor. He recovered but came back in for another dropkick. Ford mounted him and unloaded.

Anderson went back to the floor for a breather with Styles and Gallows. He came back in, and Ford was right on him. Dawkins tags in, and they take out Anderson again. Gallows tagged in, and Anderson nailed a flying shoulder tackle. Dawkins unloads on Gallows in the corner while the referee backed him off. Dawkins ran into a stiff elbow. Gallows dropped him with a big kick. Gallows kept Dawkins grounded.

Dawkins fought up but couldn’t get out. Anderson tagged in for the double team, but Dawkins dropped them both from the corner. Ford tagged back in and unloaded on Anderson, and then knocked Gallows off the apron. Styles distracted from the floor, allowing Anderson to take control and tossed Ford over the top rope to the floor. Gallows followed up and levelled Ford with a big boot on the outside.

Anderson hit a big jumping knee to Ford’s jaw on the floor. Gallows had Ford grounded in the middle of the ring. Ford fought up and out, reaching for the tag but Gallows stopped him. Gallows ran into a boot. Ford knocked Anderson off the apron. Gallows stopped Ford from tagging once again. The OC was all smiled while they kept Ford in their corner. The US Champion was on the outside because this was strictly a 2-on-2 tag team match.

Anderson kept Ford grounded in the middle of the ring with a headlock. Gallows tagged back in and booted Ford while Anderson held him. Ford looked to mount momentum. They collided in the middle of the ring with clotheslines while Gallows and Ford went down. Ford sent Anderson out of the ring to the floor, and the crowd started cheering Dawkins on while he tagged in and unloaded on both opponents. Gallows saved Anderson from a double team after Ford tagged in.

Dawkins sent Gallows to the floor. Ford climbed to the top. Styles ran and pushed Ford off the top while Gallows had the referee distracted. He pushed Ford right into a Spinebuster from Anderson. Ford still kicks out at two, surprising everyone. However, the referee ended up ejecting Styles from ringside due to interference. AJ hits the apron to argue with the referee.

Suddenly, the music hit while Styles was arguing with the referee. Kevin Owens came out to a huge pop. Owens rushed down the ramp while fans went wild. He caught Styles at ringside at the bottom of the ramp and levelled him with a big Stunner. Ford ran the ropes and leapt out, taking down Styles and Gallows at the bottom of the ramp. He got the hot tag and hit a big Frogsplash on Anderson for the pin to win their debut.

After the match, Owens was the stage and saluted back at the ring while The Street Profits celebrated. Their music played while we saw replays. The Street Profits celebrated with fans at ringside and hit the crowd to celebrate with them. RAW went off the air with Ford and Dawkins celebrating with fans in the audience.


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