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The Street Profits attempted to silence The Monday Night Messiah & Murphy

Seth Rollins & Murphy again impressed, retaining the Raw Tag Team Titles against The Street Profits.

RAW Tag Team Champions Seth Rollins and Murphy came out first as the lights and pyro went off. The Street Profits – Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins came out next as more pyro went off. The bell rang and Dawkins immediately hit a Spear on Murphy. Dawkins mounted Murphy with strikes. Ford tagged in with a big dropkick. Dawkins yanked Rollins into the ring and they continued to unload on the champs. Rollins got send back to the floor.

Ford went at it with Murphy and got one count. He fought in from the apron and nailed a big kick to Rollins on the floor. Murphy took advantage of the distraction and sent Ford from the apron into the Arabic announce table. Rollins brought Ford back in and mounted him with right hands. He stomped away on Ford. Fans chanted “burn it down!” as Rollins kept Ford against the ropes. Rollins took Ford back to the corner. Murphy came back in to keep the kicks coming on Ford for a two count.

Murphy kept Ford grounded. Ford fought both opponents out of their corner. Murphy stopped Ford from tagging. He hit the Meteora to Ford for a close two count. Murphy sent Ford to the floor and showed off some. Rollins tagged and launched Ford into the barrier while the referee counted. He brought Ford back in and kept him down, talking trash to Dawkins. Rollins kept Ford grounded in the middle of the ring while Dawkins tried to rally for his partner. Rollins sent Ford to the floor. He distracted the referee.

Ford countered a cheap shot by Murphy and sent him into the barrier. He took both opponents down on the outside while the referee was counting. Dawkins got hyped up for the tag. Murphy dragged Dawkins off the apron to prevent a tag. Rollins hit a Falcon Arrow to Ford for another close two count. He nailed a Buckle Bomb. Murphy hit a kick for a two count on Ford. Murphy and Rollins went to double team Ford but he countered. Ford countered a backdrop by Rollins and Dawkins came off the hot tag.

Dawkins unloaded on both opponents. He hit splashes in the corners for the champs. Dawkins dropped Rollins with a bulldog for a pop. He launched Rollins and dropped him on his head for a close two count. Ford tagged in for the double team on Rollins in the corner. Ford dropped Rollins on his face but Murphy broke the cover up. Murphy sent Dawkins to the floor. Ford nailed a big enziguri to Murphy. Rollins rolled Ford up for a two count. Ford blocked a neckbreaker from Rollins and dropped him with an enziguri. He climbed to the top and nailed the big Frogsplash on Rollins but Murphy pulled him to the floor right before the three count.

Dawkins launched Murphy over the Arabic announce table and he landed hard. The Profits went to double team Rollins in the ring. Rollins countered and sent Dawkins into the turnbuckles. He kicked Ford and sent him out of the ring. Rollins grabbed Dawkins and tagged Murphy back in. They went to double team but Ford launched himself from the top. Rollins and Murphy went for a double Pedigree but the Profits countered and dropped the champs with a double DDT.

Ford leapt out to the floor but Rollins and Murphy caught him, ramming him into the barrier. Dawkins came off the apron to nail the champs at the same time. Dawkins slammed Rollins face-first on the floor. He brought Murphy back into the ring but Rollins stopped him. Murphy hit a big knee to Dawkins off the distraction. He distracted the referee, allowing Rollins to hit a big Stomp to Dawkins face-first on the apron. Murphy covered Dawkins for the pin to retain.

Result: RAW Tag Team Champion Seth Rollins & Murphy def. The Street Profits

After the match, The Monday Night Messiah and Murphy stood tall with the titles. They embraced and celebrated on the ramp while The Street Profits recovered in the ring.



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