Keith Lee came out first. The winner of this rubber match will become the new #1 contender to NXT North American Champion Roderick Strong for a title shot next week. Dominik Dijakovic was out next. Fans were hot for the start of the match. They met and rocked each other with big shoulder collisions in the middle of the ring. Dijakovic went down to one knee first while Lee focused on his arm. Lee lifted Dijakovic with a straight arm lift and continued to control him while fans were riled up.

They ran the ropes, and Lee dropped Dijakovic with a big shoulder. So, fans chanted for Lee as he kept control and hit a splash for a two count. Dijakovic ended up turning it around and dropping Lee for a two count.  They trade big shots in the middle of the ring. Lee fired back with lefts and rights, sending Dijakovic into the corner for a pop. He delivered a splash in the corner.

Lee tossed Dijakovic across the ring and then nailed a big left hand in the corner. He kept control and levelled Dijakovic for another close pin attempt. Dijakovic came back and ended up hitting a big Chokebomb but couldn’t put Lee away. Fans chanted “this is awesome!” Dijakovic took Lee to the top and rocked him. He climbed up, but Lee fought back and chopped him to the mat. Lee stood on the second rope and nailed a big Frogsplash on the injured left arm of Dijakovic.

However, the fans chant “NXT!” Lee went on and hit the big sitdown powerbomb, but Dijakovic rolled to the floor to avoid the pin. He followed to the floor while the referee counted. They brought it back in the ring and traded shots. Lee hit a big punch in the corner. He charged but ran right into a Cyclone Kick. Dijakovic covered for a two count. They battled back to their feet in the middle of the ring.

Dijakovic called for the finish, but Lee blocked the suplex. Lee kept holding on to him and finally hit the big vertical suplex for a two count. He climbed to the top but Dijakovic superkicked him from the mat. Dijakovic tried to slam Lee to the mat, but his left hand was hurting. He got Lee in the Electric Chair. Lee countered that with a huge reverse hurricanrana but Dijakovic still kicked out at two.

Thus, everyone went wild as the crowd chanted “NXT!” Dijakovic unloaded with elbows on the top. He went for a hurricanrana, but Lee blocked it. Dijakovic fought back, but Lee looked to get the upper hand again. Suddenly, Roderick Strong hit the ring for the disqualification, hitting the competitors with the NXT North American Title belt while they’re in the corner.

After the bell, Strong celebrated like he’s just accomplished something. Further, William Regal came out and announced that Strong will still defend his title next Wednesday, in a Triple Threat with both Dijakovic and Lee. Fans popped, but Strong threw a fit.


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