The Revival – Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder came out first, for boos and cheers from the North Carolina home state crowd. SmackDown Tag Team Champions – The New Day’s Big E and Xavier Woods were out next. The bell rang, and we got formal introductions from Greg Hamilton. The match started, and Woods went at it with Dash. Dash went for the knee, but Woods got the upper hand. Dawson came from the apron, but Woods rocked him back as well. Big E ended up running over Dawson on the floor with a big clothesline.

Woods chopped Dash in the ring. He kept control of Dawson. Big E came in, and Woods whipped Dash into a big Uranage. He covered for a two count. Big E unloaded on Dash with forearms while fans did dueling chants. Dawson knocked Woods off the apron, leading to Dawson nailing a big clothesline to Big E from the apron. Woods was still down on the floor while Dawson brought Big E into the ring for a close pin attempt. Dawson tagged in for double-teaming on Big E in the corner and a two count. He kept Big E down and tagged in Dash for more double teaming.and a pin attempt.

Dawson kept control, but Big E stopped a tag with strikes. Big E got backed into the corner and then double-teamed by The Revival while fans booed. Dawson taunted Big E and dropped him with an elbow. We saw Woods still down on the outside. Dawson delivered an elbow to the face for another pin attempt. He kept Big E down with body scissors now. However, the fans rallied for Big E as he powered up with Dawson on his back. Dawson sent Big E into the turnbuckle face-first. He hit an uppercut in the corner and then stomps.

Big E countered a whip and sent Dawson hard into the corner; he went down. Meanwhile, Woods got up on the outside. Dash tagged in but ate a belly-to-belly from Big E. Finally, Woods got the hot tag for a big pop. Woods unloaded on both opponents and hit the Honor Roll to Dawson. He kept control and hit a massive DDT on Dawson out of the corner, but Dash broke the pin with a shot to the knee off the top. Big E went to nail a Spear to the floor from the apron, but he landed on the floor by himself. Dash leaped out but got caught in mid-air.

They tangled, and this led to The Revival hitting a big Shatter Machine to Big E on the floor. So, the fans chanted “this is awesome!” Dawson returned to the ring and tagged in Dash while Woods stared them down. They attacked, and he fought with them. Dash took out Woods’ knee, and he screamed in pain. Woods tried to fight both opponents, but they mocked him and nailed another Shatter Machine. However, the referee was trying to get Dash out of the ring and finally did. The Revival seemed more interested in hurting Woods’ knee some more.

They took his brace off, and Dawson applied a submission. The referee checked on Woods, but he’s crawling for the bottom rope while fans tried to rally. Big E was still down on the outside. Dawson stared at Woods in the face as he went for the rope. Woods held on but finally tapped out as Dawson tightens the hold. After the match, Dash and Dawson took the titles and celebrated. Woods rolled to the floor and clutched his knee in pain.

The Revival took the mics on the stage and said the WWE Universe were welcome because finally the titles are no longer coated in proverbial pancake batter. Fans can now consider themselves revived. They went on and said finally the old school has quieted the new school noise, and there will be no more stupid trombone. They said later tonight we get an even bigger treat as Kofi Kingston loses the WWE Title to Randy Orton, who will extinguish his flame. The Revival said it would finally be a New Day.


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