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The Original Club defeated Ricochet & The New Day in Six-Man Tag-Team Match

SmackDown Tag Team Champions Big E & Xavier Woods squared off against RAW Tag Team Champions Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson. Also, WWE United States Champion AJ Styles was accompanying The OC. Gallows was wearing his face paint once again, which gave him unique energy. Woods started with Anderson. He took control, but Gallows distracted from the apron, allowing Styles to attack.

However, the match quickly fell apart, and the referee called for the bell. The OC triple-teamed Woods and Big E after the match. Finally, the music hit and Ricochet came out to make the save. Ricochet unloaded and cleared the squared circle. The One & Only stood tall with Woods and Big E while The OC looked on from the floor.

The OC with AJ Styles vs. The New Day & Ricochet

AJ Styles took on Ricochet to kick off the six-man tag team match. Styles took control and dropped Ricochet with a shot to the throat. Anderson tagged in and went at it with Ricochet. The One & Only dropped him with a neckbreaker for two counts. Big E tagged in and kept the offense going on Anderson.

Gallows came in and leveled Big E. He took Big E to the corner and beat him around. Gallows delivered a big suplex on Big E for a two count. He kept Big E grounded. Further, Gallows dropped Big E with a big shot to the face, then drops Ricochet off the apron. He missed a shot to Woods and Styles came in.

Big E battled out of the corner, dropping Karl Anderson off the apron. He kept fighting and dodged a Phenomenal Forearm. Big E hit a belly-to-belly throw on Styles. Anderson and Woods tagged in at the same time. Woods unloaded and got the upper hand. Styles sent Woods to the corner, but Woods hit the Honor Roll. Woods hit a sliding knee to Anderson for a two count but Gallows.

Ricochet spring-boarded in and nailed Gallows. Big E clotheslined Gallows to the floor. Styles flew in with a PhenomenalForearm to Big E. Ricochet unloaded on Styles. He dropkicked Styles out of the squared circle. Anderson hit big DDT to Wood. Gallows & Anderson hit a Magic Killer on Woods while Gallows covered for the pin to win.

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