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Matt Riddle looked to bounce back at Bronson Reed

Matt Riddle came out first for a pop. Bronson Reed was out next. The bell rang, and they went at it. Riddle took control early on and unloaded with quick, aggressive offence. He launched Reed with a big Exploder suplex. Riddle followed up with a running kick to the face for a close pin attempt. Reed blocked the Broton and came back with a big Senton of his own. Riddle blocked shots and unloaded with strikes.

He blocked a shot and nails a kick and then kipped up. Riddle ended up hitting the Bro 2 Sleep and then a big powerbomb in the middle of the ring. He followed up with the Final Flash knee strike to the face for a two count. They went on with Reed getting more offence in. Reed looked to put Riddle away, but Riddle blocked.

Finally, Riddle dropped Reed on his head again for the pin to win. After the match, The King of Bros stood tall while his music hit. Reed watched from down in the corner while Riddle turned his attention to him. Riddle offered his fist for a show of respect. Reed got up, and they showed respect with a pound. Riddle celebrated and made his exit.


Boa stood up to Killian Dain after suffering his wrath last week

Boa came out first, who asked for this match to get payback or last week. Killian Dain was out next. The bell rang, and Boa charged in with a big kick to the face. Boa unloaded, but Dain took it against the ropes. He hit a dropkick to stun Dain and send him to one knee. Boa kicked Dain out of the ring next. He followed to the floor, but Dain took him down with a Crossbody out of nowhere.

Dain brought Boa back into the ring and dropped a big elbow, and another, and a third. He took Boa to the corner and unloaded with kicks to the injured ribs. Dain whipped Boa hard into the opposite corner, and he went down. He delivered more offence and a two count. Boa tried to fight back, but Dain levelled him with a knee to the gut. Dain hit a snap suplex and took his time with the cover and Boa kicked out at two.

Boa ended up unloading with strikes to try and made a comeback, but Dain dropped him with a big lariat. Dain slammed Boa and hit the Senton splash. He followed up with a Vader Bomb from the second turnbuckle and another. Dain stepped on Boa and went back to the corner for a third Vader Bomb. He applied his Wrath submission and manhandled Boa until he tapped out.

After the bell, the referee finally got The Beast of Belfast to break the hold. Dain stood tall to play to the crowd.

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