The OC – WWE United States Champion AJ Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson came out. Styles took the mic and said he’s not in the mood tonight, so Long Island needs to shut up. He said Gallows and Anderson are the greatest tag team in the world, and their trophy proves that fact. They point to the Crown Jewel World Cup trophy at ringside on display. Styles said another fact is that he is The Phenomenal One. Another fact is that the OC doesn’t give a damn about NXT. The next time they see one of those punks, The OC will make sure they don’t step foot outside of Orlando, Florida.

The music interrupted, and The Street Profits, Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins came out. Humberto Carrillo came out just a second later, and they stood tall together on the stage. Ford talked about how Gallows and Anderson were officially the best tag team in the world. He mocked them. Moreover, Dawkins mentioned how The Profits pinned The OC several weeks ago. Ford said Dawkins couldn’t say that, but Dawkins kept repeating it. He had Humberto say it next while AJ was getting upset. He threatened to shut Humberto’s mouth if he doesn’t do it on his own. Ford had Humberto say it in Spanish this time.

Styles asked what the hell he just said. Ford and Dawkins talked more trash and said they want all the smoke. They headed to the ring with Humberto while the music started back up. However, The OC got ready for a fight. Humberto went at it with Styles. Back and forth until Carrillo took control. The Profits took turns and kept control. Styles hit a throat shot to Dawkins to daze him. Anderson tagged in and unloaded in the corner. Ford ended up coming in and mounting offense on Anderson for a two count. Ford kept Anderson grounded and played to the crowd for reactions.

Styles ended up interfering from the floor, allowing Anderson to deck Ford and send him to the floor. Gallows leveled Ford with a huge clothesline on the floor. Anderson followed and slammed Ford’s face into the edge of the apron. He brought it back into the ring for a two count. Styles came back in with offense on Ford for a two count. Ford fought back, but Styles kneed him in the gut. He tossed Styles to the floor, but Styles ran right back into the ring. Ford ducked and hit a big dropkick. Anderson tagged in and immediately took a dropkick. Gallows tagged in, and Ford ducked a shot.

He caught in mid-air and tossed through the air. Gallows leveled Ford with a huge boot. Styles tagged in but tripped, but then rolled through and saved it. He splashed Ford in the corner. Anderson got a quick tag to keep Ford in their corner. Gallows got a quick tag and mounted more offense. He hit a splash in the corner and an uppercut to drop Ford again. Gallows kept Ford grounded. Anderson had Ford grounded. Ford knocked Dawkins off the apron, and then dropped Ford with another uppercut for a two count.

Anderson kept Ford grounded with another headlock. Anderson got sent out, but Gallows tagged in on the way down. Ford didn’t see it, but he managed to counter and dropped Gallows with a big Blockbuster. Styles and Humberto tagged in at the same time. Humberto unloaded and dropkicked Styles back. He hit a running clothesline in the corner and another big kick to Styles while he was down. Humberto rolled into a moonsault while AJ was down for a two count. Styles countered once but Humberto rocked him for a two count. Humberto climbed to the top and hit a huge moonsault for a two count while Anderson broke it up.

Dawkins ran in with a Pounce to send Anderson out. Gallows rocked Dawkins, but Ford dropkicked him. Ford yelled, ran the ropes and then leaped out, taking Gallows and Anderson down on the floor. Styles rocked Humberto from the apron. He springboarded in for the Phenomenal Forearm but missed. Humberto and Styles went at it some more. Styles hit a powerbomb, putting his feet on the ropes to get leverage for the pin to win.  After the match, Styles stood tall and raised his US title while Gallows and Anderson recovered at ringside. Styles joined them, and they talked some trash while heading up the ramp.


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