The Heavy Machinery – Otis & Tucker came out. The New Day’s Big E & Xavier Woods hit the ring next, with a platter full of pancakes. Kofi Kingston was with them. After the break, Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler’s entrance was next. They headed to the ring together. SmackDown Tag Team Champions, The Revival – Scott Dawson & Dash Wilder came out next. So, Cole and Graves plug the big nine-team World Cup Turmoil match at WWE Crown Jewel.

Tucker & Ziggler started the match. Ziggler took control early on and hit a dropkick. He showed off some and Tucker came right back with a dropkick to take control for a pop. Roode ran in to make the save but it back-fired. Otis also came in, and they hit the double team suplex on Roode and Ziggler. Big E came in and danced with Otis before Wish-boning Ziggler.

The two took out The Revival next and then got tossed to the floor. Woods ran the ropes and took out Dawson and Dash on the floor. He charged on the floor, but Roode and Ziggler intercepted and drove him into the floor with the big double team. Woods screamed out in pain. Dash had Woods down after the break. Dawson ended up coming in, but Woods unloaded. Ziggler and Roode prevented a tag.

Wilder tagged in, and The Revival hit a big double team on Woods for a close pin attempt. Ziggler came back in and took Woods to the top for a superplex. Woods resisted and fought back. He hit headbutt to Ziggler to the mat. Woods flew with a big missile dropkick while Ziggler got up. Thus, fans chanted for Otis and popped louder as he tagged in.

Otis unloaded on Roode as he came in. He also slammed Ziggler, then knocked The Revival off the apron. Otis and Roode were in the middle of the ring now. He dropped Roode and sent Ziggler into him. Otis kept control and took out Roode and Ziggler once again. Dawson ran in, but Otis clotheslined him. Otis splashed Roode on the ropes again. He stood tall in the middle of the ring for a pop before hitting the Caterpillar on Roode.

Dawson flew off the top, but Otis caught him. Tucker came in for a double team, but Ziggler pulled his leg from the outside. The Revival double-teamed Otis but only for a two count while the referee botched his call. Bodies fell on the outside of the ring as Dawson was left alone with Otis. Otis blocked a suplex and lifted Dawson with one of his own. Big E came in, and Otis handed Dawson to him on his shoulders. Woods tagged in for the Midnight Hour double team on Dawson for the pin to win.


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