The New Day – Big E and Kofi Kingston came out first. SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Revival – Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder were out next. We got formal ring introductions from Greg Hamilton. The bell hit, and Dawson took Kofi down for several pin attempts. Kofi looked to come back, but Dawson decked him. Frequent tags from the Revival while they worked on Kofi’s arm. Kofi fought off, and Big E came in.

They double-teamed Dash and Big E covers for a two count. Big E ended up putting Dash down, but Dash rolled and clutched his knee in pain. However, the referee checked on Dash, who was selling the knee injury. The New Day turned it back around. Kofi unloaded on both opponents as they got sent out. Kofi ran the ropes and leaped out, taking both down while fans chanted his name. He brought Dawson back in and flew off the top, taking him down.

Dawson dodged Trouble In Paradise with Dash’s help. He nailed a superplex on Kofi, and Dash followed up with a splash from the top, but Big E broke the pin just in time. Dawson came over, but Big E launched him. Dash strike with a tornado DDT on Big E. Kofi blocked the DDT from Dash and hit an SOS for a two count. Big E made it back in as the legal man. Dawson took Kofi off the apron. Dash and Big E went at it. Dash countered and sent Big E to the apron. The Revival hit a double team draping DDT from the second rope.

Dash tagged in and came off the ropes with an uppercut while Dawson turned it into a German. Big E still kicked out from the double team. The Revival went for a Shatter Machine, but Big E avoided it. Kofi landed a missile dropkick from the top of Dawson. He hit Trouble In Paradise on Dash, with an assist from Big E, and covered for the pin to win the titles. After the match, The New Day celebrated with the titles.


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