Kevin Owens came out first to the ring for tonight’s six-man main event. The Viking Raiders were out next, Erik & Ivar. RAW Tag Team Champion Murphy and AOP – Akam & Rezar came out. They hit the ring. Owens unloaded on Murphy to start the main event. Ivar tagged in to take over. Murphy slide out of a hold but Ivar leveled him with a shoulder. Erik tagged in to take over on Murphy. He leveled Murphy and taunted AOP.

Owens tagged in and chopped Murphy while Erik held him in the corner. He worked Murphy over some more and taunted AOP with trash talking. Owens took Murphy back to the corner and beat him up. Ivar came back in to keep Murphy beat down. The Vikings hit another tag and double team as Erik slammed his partner on Murphy. Finally, Murphy got a break and tagged in Akam. Akam and Erik faced off and then started brawling.

Erik got the upperhand and Ivar came in. Ivar sent Akam face-first into Erik’s knee for a pop. Akam ended up catching Erik with a big powerslam, then pounding on him while he’s down. AOP hit a big double team to Erik after Rezar came in. Rezar grounded Erik and pounded on him. AOP took turns on Erik in the corner, beating him down again. Murphy tagged back in and dropped Erik, then kicked him in the head for a quick pin attempt.

Murphy kept Erik grounded in the middle of the ring. Erik fought up and out but they took him back to the corner and continued the beating. Rezar tagged in and knocked Ivar off the apron. He swung for Owens but missed. Finally, Erik got an opening and dropped Rezar with a big knee to the face. Murphy and Owens tagged in at the same time for a pop. Owens hit clotheslines for his opponents. Murphy took a huge clothesline and a senton.

Owens ran into a kick in the corner from Murphy while the screen splits for anther commercial break. After the break, Owens and AOP kept Owens down in the middle of the ring. Akam tagged in and clubbed Owens for another two count. Murphy stomped away while Akam was holding Owens in the corner. So, fans booed Murphy. Owens fought out of the corner and nailed two big superkicks but they both went down.

Murphy stopped Owens from tagging. Rezar came back in and pounded on Owens some more. Owens reached for a tag but Rezar kneed him back into the corner. Rezar unloaded with knee strikes and Murphy came in. Owens finally got an opening after dropping Murphy. Rezar and Ivar tagged in at the same time. Ivar unloaded and also dropped Akam. He leveled Murphy with a big Ivar kick. Ivar hit a seated senton on Rezar, then the cartwheel to drop Akam.

Erik tagged in and hit double knees on Rezar in the corner. Ivar rammed Erik into Rezar in the corner. Owens tagged in and hit the big top rope senton on Rezar but he kicked out just in time. Rezar blocked a Stunner and leveled Owens with a clothesline. Murphy flew off the top but Owens moved. Owens caught Murphy with the Pop-up Powerbomb. The Vikings sent AOP to the floor and nailed a big double suicide dive.

Owens dropped Murphy with a Stunner in the ring. Owens went for the pin but Seth Rollins ran down and hit Owens with the title belt for the disqualification. Fans booed after the bell as Rollins pounded on Owens. AOP took out Erik and Ivar on the floor. Rollins took the mic and said he warned us this was what would happen if you stay in the way of progress and his vision. He taunted and worked over Owens while the other three were holding him.

Rollins said Owens has crucified him since day one and now it’s time for them to crucify Owens. However, the music hit and The Street Profits – Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford came out. They took out Murphy at ringside and then AOP. The Profits intimidated Rollins into retreating. AOP came from behind to deck The Vikings and The Profits. Chaos unfolded in the ring while Rollins was watching from the stage.

The babyfaces took out AOP and Murphy in the ring while fans were cheering them on. Rollins threw a fit on the stage. Owens and the others celebrated. Rollins screamd from the stage as Owens hit the corner to pose. RAW went off the air.


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