Monday Night Raw kicked off with The Miz TV featuring Roman Reigns, the first wild card. The Miz was out in the squared circle for another version of MizTV. WWE Universe saw things that have prompted the Steel Cage match among Miz and Shane McMahon at WWE Money in the Bank. The music stops and fans rise for Miz. Miz welcomed WWE Universe to the global release of MizTV. He at that point plugged the WWE Money in the Bank and the two briefcase matches.

Miz brought Shane while fans started booing. Shane quickly specified the Sunday’s Steel Cage match before he begins praising the guest, Roman Reigns. Cole said that Reigns is showing up on Monday Night on account of Vince McMahon’s Wild Card Rule. Reigns brought Elias, and a few fans serenade for him. Roman said Elias hadn’t practiced anything since he’s been in WWE. The Big Dog went on and revealed that he’s expediting the enormous battle to Elias Sunday. Miz suggested that he and Reigns get together for a buddy cop film.

Reigns inquired what Miz is doing because good things going until he brought that up. The Roman Empire said he needed to punch the old Miz right in the face.  Roman Reigns told he came to spend time with the new Miz; the person who confronted the McMahon Family a week ago. He demonstrates to us a replay of Miz sparing him from Shane, Elias, and McIntyre. Also, we observe Miz beating on Shane with a steel chair in the back. Miz gets started up and cuts a promotion on how Shane will have no place to escape this Sunday. Meanwhile, McMahon family can’t save Shane form him.

The music hits and Shane O Mac came out to the ramp while fans booed. Shane told it’s complimenting that they’re around here discussing The Best in the World. But they have to recollect that he is their supervisor. Shane ended the MIZ TV segment. Abruptly, Elias and Bobby Lashley attacked from behind and laid Reigns and Miz out. Shane, Elias, and Lashley stand together on the entrance ramp as Reigns and Miz attempt to recoup. Shane O Mac announced a Tag Team match and asked for a referee. Roman Reigns & Miz won the match via disqualification.


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