During his stint in WWE, Zack Ryder was one of the most beloved Superstars, and had his fair share of success. He launched his Youtube show named Z! True Long Island Story back in 2011, which became incredibly popular. The fans began heavily cheering him on a weekly basis. His crowning achievement in WWE came when he won the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania 32.

Several WWE Superstars including Zack Ryder were recently let go as part of budget cuts. Ryder didn’t waste much time after his release and launched a new T-shirt on Pro Wrestling Tees. Later, he promoted the T-shirt on his official Instagram handle. The Miz responded to the post, taking a shot at Ryder’s T-shirt. Former WWE Champion reminded Ryder that he used to make fun of his T-shirts.

Ryder went on to explain the story behind his new apparel on PWT. As WWE was calling Superstars to inform them of their releases, Ryder quickly set up a PWT store and made a logo for his new T-shirt in a hurry, even before he got the call. Ryder then said that PWT is a site where independent wrestlers sell their merchandise plus hinted that The Miz wouldn’t know much about the Indies. 

Check out the entire exchange:


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