Ricochet came out first to the ring. Cole said they hope to have the Sasha Banks interview still tonight. The Miz came out next. Drew McIntyre was out first for his team, followed by partner Baron Corbin. The bell rang, and Miz went at it with McIntyre to start this match with KOTR competitors. Miz got some offense in and tagged in Ricochet for some double teaming. Ricochet unloaded and tagged back in Miz for more double teaming. Also, Ricochet hit a standing moonsault. Corbin & McIntyre got sent to the floor.

Miz landed a dropkick through the second rope. Ricochet ran the apron and nailed a big moonsault from the ring post, taking down both opponents at ringside. So, Miz and Ricochet celebrated and stood tall over their opponents. Corbin leveled Miz and mounted with right hands. He kept control and tagged in McIntyre. The Scottish Psychopath went to work on Miz and hit a big overhead throw for a two count. Miz fought up from the mat, but McIntyre nailed a big clothesline.

Corbin tagged back in for a quick double team. Corbin toyed with Miz and took him to the corner. Miz fought out, hitting both opponents, but it caught up to him. McIntyre ended up hitting a big Spinebuster for another close pin attempt. He showed some frustration while Ricochet reached for the tag. Miz caught McIntyre with a DDT out of nowhere. Both were down while fans rallied for Miz. Corbin and Ricochet tagged in at the same time. Ricochet unloaded and hit an Enziguri and then a kick to send McIntyre back to the floor. He kept going and hit another shot on McIntyre.

Ricochet ducked a clothesline from Corbin. The Lone Wolf blocked a kick but ate an enziguri. Ricochet landed another big dropkick to bring Corbin down. He hit more kicks in the corner and a flying clothesline to bring him down. Ricochet delivered a standing moonsault, but McIntyre broke the pin-up. Miz ran in, and McIntyre battled them both off and leveled Miz with a big boot. McIntyre grabbed Ricochet and launched him across the ring. He waited for Ricochet to get up.

Ricochet blocked the Claymore Kick with a superkick. Miz followed up with a Skull Crushing Finale to McIntyre. Plus, Corbin came and leveled Miz. He caught Ricochet with a Deep Six for a close two count. Thus, Corbin showed more frustration and argued with the referee. However, fans chanted “Corbin sucks!” Corbin took Ricochet to the top, but he fought Corbin off. He landed a missile dropkick. Corbin dodged in the corner but ran into the ring post as Miz pulled Ricochet to safety. Ricochet followed up with the Recoil for the pin on Corbin to win.


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