At Night of Champions 2011, The Miz and R-Truth attacked Triple H during his match against CM Punk. Triple H was an on-screen authority figure at the time. He punished the duo one night later by booking them in a tag team match against Punk and John Cena. After the match, Triple H informed The Miz and R-Truth that they had been fired. The villainous tag team attacked him backstage before a group of Superstars threw them out of arena.

Next week will be 25th-anniversary celebration for Triple H on the blue brand. The 14-time World Champion is one of the most legendary competitors in WWE History. On WWE Pop Question, several WWE Superstars were asked to name their favorite The Game moment. SmackDown Superstar The Miz recalled Triple H firing him his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio on an edition of RAW in September 2011.

“My favorite Triple H moment was definitely when he fired me and I was thrown out of my own home arena, Cleveland, Ohio.”

Meanwhile, Charlotte Flair and Seth Rollins went for moments from The Cerebral Assassin’s in-ring career.


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