SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Miz and John Morrison came out for another edition of The Dirt Sheet. They hit the ring and posed. We heard The New Day’s familiar intro but it’s a pre-recorded shot of Miz and Morrison, dressed as Kofi Kingston and Big E. Next we saw a pre-recorded shot of Miz and Morrison in the audience dressed as The Usos. We also saw the champs in the empty arena dressed as Heavy Machinery. They used editing here to make it look like the three tag teams are arguing with each other, and making the teams look bad. Miz and Morrison were ready to take the night off.

However, the music interrupted and the real Heavy Machinery came out. The Miz and John Morrison got up from their chairs as Otis and Tucker marched to the ring for this non-title match. They went at it. Morrison worked on Otis. Otis overpowered but Morrison used his speed. Morrison went on and launched himself at Otis but Otis sent him to the mat. Otis hit a big suplex as Tucker tagged himself in. Tucker grabbed the suplex while Morrison was still in the air, slamming him for a two count. Tucker stopped a tag attempt.

Morrison countered and Miz came in. Miz charged but Tucker nailed a big hip toss. The Heavy Machinery kept control with the big double teaming on Miz. Otis got a two count. Tucker tagged back in for another double team move on Miz. They danced around him in the middle of the ring, then sandwich him. Morrison ran in but ate a double shoulder tackle. They dropped double elbows to Morrison and then sent both opponents out to the floor.

Tucker ran the apron and leapt off, taking the champs down on the floor. He brought Miz back in the ring but Morrison helped him dump Tucker right back to the floor. Miz celebrated some while the referee warned Morrison to stay away from Tucker on the floor. Miz dropkicked Tucker through the ropes, sending him into the barrier. He brought it back in the ring and launched Tucker into a forearm from Morrison. Morrison flew in from the apron, dropping an elbow on Tucker for a close two count. He hit a running knee to the face of Tucker for another two count.

Morrison grounded Tucker in the middle of the ring now while Otis was cheering him on. Miz tagged back in for a double team to Tucker. He taunted Otis. Tucker rocked both opponents and fought out of the corner. Tucker dropped Miz while Otis was waiting for the tag. He reached for a tag but the music interrupted and Dolph Ziggler came out. So, Miz took advantage of the distraction and knocked Otis off the apron. Miz dropped Tucker on his face for a close two count. Ziggler was at ringside.

Morrison dropped Otis on the floor again. Ziggler joined Cole for commentary. Back from the break and Tucker fights Morrison off from the corner. Morrison dropped Tucker for a two count. Miz tagged in for the double team but Tucker countered and hit a double suplex on the champions. We saw the familiar glitch come across the screen. Finally, Otis got the hot tag and unloaded on both opponents. Otis went to work on Morrison, then hit a double splash on both champions in the corner. They both went down as Otis looked on.

Otis did the Caterpillar but Ziggler took the mic and interrupted him. He stopped the Caterpillar and listened Ziggler. Ziggler said he knows Otis is “smitten with his kitten” and he wants Otis to see some photos. Ziggler showed us photos on the big screen of he and Mandy Rose spending time together and being happy together. Otis wasn’t handling it well. Ziggler taunted him and rubbed it in. Otis exited the ring and snapped, attacking Ziggler at ringside. He went to use a steel chair but Miz and Morrison attacked from behind to stop him. They brought Otis back in the ring but he countered and sent them out to the floor.

Ziggler was crawling away. Otis snapped again and sent Morrison into the steel steps, then Miz into the announce table. He slammed Miz repeatedly into the table, then into the steel steps. Otis caught Morrison in mid-air and destroyed him again. He was grunting and walking around, stopping to look at a photo of Ziggler and Rose on the big screen again. Otis charged and tackled Morrison through the barrier, Miz was also out. He grabbed a steel chair but Tucker tried to calm him down.

The referee was also yelling at him from the ring. Otis didn’t listen and unloaded on the champs with steel chair shots anyway. The referee called for the bell.

Result: The Miz and John Morrison def. Heavy Machinery via DQ

After the bell, The Show Off looked on from the stage and he’s shocked. An emotional Otis continued to destroy things at ringside until Tucker consoled him to try and calm him down. Ziggler looked worried.


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