The A-Lister came out while Andrade was already out with Zelina Vega. Miz’s Clash of Champion opponent Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura was on the commentary. The match started, and Miz took Andrade down with a few arm drags and kept him grounded by his arm. Andrade ended up coming back and posing on the middle rope with Vega to taunt Miz. He charged, but Miz slammed him face-first into the mat.

Miz mocked Andrade with the pose on the mat. Andrade got dumped out of the ring to the floor. So, the fans chanted for Miz. Vega provided a distraction on the apron, allowing Andrade to come back and got some offense going. However, they tangled again. Vega delivered cheap shots to Miz from the apron while Andrade has the referee distracted. Andrade dropped Miz in the corner and delivered the charging double knees for a two count.

Meanwhile, Vega yelled at ringside. Miz hit a knee to the gut and another knee strike to the face. He delivered the backbreaker neckbreaker combo for a two count while Vega showed frustration at ringside. Miz hit kicks to the chest while Andrade was on his knees and fans did the “yes!” chant. Andrade ducked a kick but ran into a kick. They traded more strikes until Miz unloaded with kicks and chops in the corner. Miz hit a running knee in the corner and another.

Andrade avoided a third and charged at Miz in the corner. But Miz avoided him and Andrade lands on the turnbuckle, then landed hard on the floor. Miz hit a baseball slide kick to send Andrade back to the announce table. Miz followed and kept control, but Nakamura distracted Him, who stood up and stared him down. Andrade came at Miz, but Miz fought him. Miz launched Andrade into Nakamura at the announce table. Andrade and Nakamura went down.

Miz brought Andrade back into the ring while Vega looked to provide another distraction, grabbing his leg. He blocked a kick, but Andrade dropped him with an elbow for a two count. Andrade climbed to the top for a moonsault but landed on his feet. Finally, Miz caught Andrade with a Skull Crushing Finale for the pin to win. Nakamura immediately attacked Miz and worked him over. The King of Strong Styles raised the title while the announcers hyped Miz vs. Nakamura at Clash of Champions.


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