Tegan Nox and Dakota Kai came out to a pop. WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Asuka and Kairi Sane were out next. While the Kabuki Warriors hit the ring, fans chanted “welcome back!” Asuka started with Nox. After the bell, fans chanted “Asuka’s gonna kill you!” They locked up, and Asuka took control with a headlock. Both superstars ran the ropes, but Asuka drops Nox with a kick.

So, fans chanted for Asuka. Sane tagged in, and fans chanted her name. She dropped Nox with a stiff right hand. Sane rocked Nox and yelled at her to hit back. They traded big strikes in the middle of the ring. Sane stomped on Nox’s foot and then knocked her to the mat. Nox came back with a dropkick to both opponents. Sane and Nox ended up on the floor while Asuka took Kai down. Nox went for Asuka, but Sane sent Nox into the steel ring steps.

The Kabuki Warriors stood tall at ringside. Asuka got double teamed by Kai and Nox in the corner several times. Kai covered, but Asuka kicked out at two. She mounted more offense on Asuka while she was down. Kai hit a kick and a two count. Fans rallied for Asuka who hit a big Dragon Screw leg whip. She hit a Hip Attack to send Kai from the apron to the floor. Nox checked on Kai at ringside.

Asuka followed and brought it back in. She applied a leg lock on Kai who fought out of the hold with kicks to the head while Nox waited for a tag. Asuka stopped her from getting the bottom rope. Sane tagged in and taunted Nox, then hit the sliding knee on Kai in the corner. She with a nonchalant cover but Kai kicked out at two. Sane wrapped Kai’s knee around her and then applied another submission.

They tangled on the mat again as Sane kept control. Asuka tagged back in and kept Kai down. Some fans tried to rally for Kai, and she turned a submission into a two count, but Asuka kicked out. Sane came back in and taunted Kai, talking trash and telling her to bring it. Kai unloaded, and Sane told her to keep on. They fought, and Sane levelled Kai with a stiff palm strike to the chest. So, the fans chanted for Kai, and she applied head scissors on the mat.

Kai tried for a pin, but Sane levelled her with an axe kick. Asuka came in and kept control with the quick double team. She kicked Kai around and talked some trash. Fans did duelling chants while Asuka worked Kai over for another two count. Asuka took her time and taunted Kai while working her around some more. She bent the leg back with another submission. Sane went from a submission to a two count on Kai.

Asuka tagged back in and continued working on the leg. Asuka turned Kai over into a Boston Crab. Sane tagged back in for several double team power moves and with a two count. Kai went for a tag but went to the wrong corner. Kai fought both opponents in their corner. Both of the champs ended up down on the floor. Fans cheered as Kai crawled for a tag. Sane tried to stop, but Kai rocked her with a kick. Nox was excited for the kick as Kai crawled.

Asuka and Nox tagged in at the same time. Nox unloaded and hit a chokeslam. She ran wild from corner to corner on both opponents. Nox dropped them again and hit a big flying crossbody from the top on Asuka for a two count. She charged at Asuka with the flying knee, but Asuka caught it and applied the kneebar. Nox fought out and went right into the armbar. Sane broke it up with boots. Kai dropped Sane with a kick. Asuka with a German to Nox. Kai levelled Asuka with a kick to the face but went down clutching her knee.

However, the fans popped and chanted “NXT!” Nox hobbled into the corner and tagged Kai in. Kai unloaded on Asuka and then hit a big running boot in the corner. Sane distracted the referee from the apron, allowing Asuka to slide out of a move and spit her green mist in the face of Kai. Asuka tagged Sane back in. She went over and knocked Nox off the apron while Sane climbed to the top. Sane hit the In-Sane elbow drop for the pin to retain.


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