Raul Mendoza came out first. Joaquin Wilde was out next. They met on the ramp and headed to the ring together. The Grizzled Young Veterans – James Drake and Zack Gibson were out next. Wilde and Gibson went at it. Gibson took control and Drake came in. Drake and Wilde traded holds. They ran the ropes and Wilde hit a scissors takedown. Drake hit a drop toe hold. Wilde rolled Drake up for a two count.

Gibson tagged in and they double teamed Wilde. He worked Wilde over with punches and kicks. Drake tagged back in for another double team. He kept control and sent Wilde to the floor after a Pendulum backbreaker. Wilde got double teamed on the floor again for some boos. The Grizzled Young Vets with more quick tags and double teaming. Gibson slammed Drake on top of Wilde for a two count.

Drake and Gibson kept control until Wilde hit a moonsault into a DDT. Finally, Mendoza got the hot tag. He unloaded on both opponents. Gibson and Mendoza went at it. Mendoza hit a springboard missile dropkick. Gibson countered with offense of his own. He nailed a big suplex for a two count. Drake came back in and kicked Wilde off the apron. Gibson came back in for more double teaming.

They ended up hitting the Ticket to Mayhem for the pin to win. After the match, Gibson took the mic and cut a heel promo. He said this is the land of the free and home of the brave, but it’s really the land of the neck-beard and home of the ignorant. Gibson went on about how the Grizzled Young Veterans have come to NXT to take over, and will soon be known as #1 in the world.


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