Daniel Bryan made his way out to the ring. Bryan talked about WWE Universal Champion “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt, offering him another title shot if he just “let him in.” He talked about people giving him advice for The Fiend. Bryan admitted he went into Survivor Series very nervous because of how The Fiend might change him the same way he did to Seth Rollins and others. Plus, he felt changed in the middle of the match.

Bryan changed because of the fans – their passion, their voice, their energy, which made him realize the person he should’ve been this whole time. So, a big “yes!” chant broke out. Bryan said he’s claimed on many occasions that The Yes Movement is dead, but maybe, just maybe, these fans brought it back to life. He asked the fans if he should accept the challenge from Wyatt. They chant “yes!” and he said it just doesn’t feel right if he’s not doing it with them. Bryan joined in on the “yes!” chant.

However, the Firefly Fun House music interrupted, and Wyatt appeared on the big screen. Wyatt agreed with The Miz that Bryan will change again if he goes through this. “He” will take Bryan’s mask off. Wyatt went on taunting Bryan and said he almost forgot, he did promise everyone a new friend tonight. And Wyatt is a man of his word. So, the lights started going down in the arena like they do when The Fiend is approaching. The red light came over the arena. Suddenly, The Fiend appeared from a hole in the ring.

The Fiend grabbed Bryan and tried pulling him under the ring. Bryan resisted and fought, but The Fiend applied the Mandible Claw and won’t give up. The Fiend put Bryan under the ring and struggled for a few seconds. He came up with clumped of Bryan’s hair. He went back under and manhandled Bryan some more, coming back up with more chunks of hair. Wyatt kept pulling chunks of hair from under the ring, presumably from Bryan’s head and putting them on the apron. Finally, SmackDown went off the air while The Fiend was looking up from the hole in the ring and laughing.


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