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“The Fiend” Bray Wyatt defeated “The Extraordinary Man” Finn Balor


The arena turned dark and then the screen flashed. We heard “LET”… “HIM”… “IN…” Finally, Wyatt appeared on the stage, as The Fiend. The Fiend marched to the squared circle with new music. The arena lighted up with phones. The Fiend was carrying Wyatt’s lantern but it had a mold of Wyatt’s head around it, so the lantern is inside Wyatt’s head. He placed the head on the apron, facing the ramp. The Fiend entered the ring and yelled out. He hit the corner to wait while the lights continued to flash.

The lights came on and The Fiend was staring Balor down from the corner. Balor was on the outside. Therefore, fans chanted “holy s–t!” They locked up and The Fiend slamed Balor down by his neck. The Fiend stomped and took his jacket off. Wyatt stomped again and sent Balor into the ropes, knocking him down with a headbutt. He took Balor to the corner and worked him off.

So, fans chanted “Yowie! Wowie!” Balor battled from the corner but Wyatt whipped him across the ring. Wyatt turned upside down and stopped Balor in his tracks. Balor charged but The Fiend locked him up and slammed him to the mat. Wyatt grabbed Balor while Balor was on his knees, and snapped his neck. Balor fell to the mat. The Fiend delivered a big Uranage. Wyatt got down in Balor’s face, crawling over and then back.

Wyatt stopped and looked down at his own hands. He backed into the corner and acted like he’s hearing voices in his head or something. Wyatt grabbed Balor and went for Sister Abigail but Balor slid out, Balor hit a Slingblade and then dropkicked Wyatt and unloaded with strikes. He tackled Wyatt and stomps. Balor climbed to the top for Coup de Grace but Wyatt caught him in the Mandible Claw on the way down. He went out and Wyatt pinned him for the three counts, still with the Claw applied.



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