The new NXT Tag Team Champions Matt Riddle and Pete Dunne – The BroserWeights came out. They went through the crowd and celebrated with fans before entering the ring. Fans chanted “BroserWeights!” as Riddle took the mic and opened with a “Bro!” for everyone. Riddle asked where their golf cart is and Dunne said Riddle got it impounded. Dunne said all that matters is that they’re the new NXT Tag Team Champions. So, fans chanted “you deserve it!”

Riddle said the celebration continues. He talked about how they partied hard in Portland, even Stallion Pete. Riddle joked that Stallion Cup, the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Cup trophy, parties too hard. It has been suspended for 30 days because he failed a WWE Wellness Policy. He laughed and said that’s a thing around here. However, the music interrupted and Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan came out for this non-title match. The bell rang and Dunne started off with Burch.

Dunne went to work on the arm. They tangled and Dunne took Burch down, working on the leg. Burch fought free and they locked up with a test of strength. They tangled some more, down and back up while fans were applauding them. Lorcan and Riddle tagged in. Riddle ended up hitting a gutwrench suplex early on. He held it and did another. Dunne did the same move at the same time to Burch as he came in. The BroserWeights cleared the ring and stood tall together.

After the break, Lorcan grounded Riddle on the mat. He applied a single-leg Crab and another hold in the middle of the ring. Riddle rocked Lorcan with a knee but Burch came in. Dunne tagged in and leveled Burch. He launched Burch and climbed to the top, delivering a finger stomp from the top. Dunne hit a roundhouse kick and a suplex into an armbar attempt. Burch grabbed his arm and resisted. Dunne grabbed the fingers and bent them back but got rolled up for a two count.

More back and forth until Riddle tagged in and rocked Burch with a kick as Dunne also kicked him. Riddle came in and dropped Burch on his head but Lorcan made the save and broke the pin up. Lorcan sent Dunne to the floor and then uppercut him to the floor. Riddle hit a Ripcord knee to Lorcan but Burch came from behind. He unloaded on Burch with strikes. Burch delivered more offense to Riddle but Riddle kicked out. He went right into a Crossface. Dunne ran in but Lorcan stopped him.

Dunne took Lorcan down, and then kicked Burch to break the submission on Riddle. All four were down. Moreover, Riddle and Burch traded stiff offense. Dunne came in with an enziguri to Burch. Lorcan tagged in and went at it with Dunne, nailing a huge uppercut. He hit a running Blockbuster to Dunne for a big pop as he yelled out. Dunne countered Lorcan and snapped his fingers back for a pop. Riddle tagged in. They ended up hitting the Riddle End, the knee strike and Bitter End combo. Riddle covered for the pin to win.

After the match, The BroserWeights celebrated and raised the titles. The champs headed through the crowd, continuing their celebration with fans.


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