NXT Tag Team Champions Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish of The Undisputed Era came out first. The winners of the 2020 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic – The BroserWeights – came out. They’re riding their custom golf cart with the Dusty Cup in the back. Riddle got the crowd to sing the “Bobby Fish Fry Fish” song, which also played on the screen. Fish and O’Reilly rushed the golf cart at the entrance and a brawl broke out.

They brawled to ringside and then in the ring. The bell hit as Riddle and O’Reilly went at it to start. O’Reilly dropped Riddle and Fish came in. Fish and Riddle unloaded with strikes. Riddle hit a gutwrench suplex. He nailed another big suplex as Dunne tagged in. Dunne launched Riddle onto Fish, then dropkicked Fish in the face. Fans popped for The BroserWeights. Dunne kept control and O’Reilly came in. He went to work on the fingers of O’Reilly right away.

Dunne went to the floor to grab Fish and slammed him on the apron. O’Reilly missed a Superman punch. Dunne dropped O’Reilly with a big suplex on the floor as well. Dunne and Fish went at it in the ring. He stomped on the fingers but Fish ended up turning it around and taking Dunne to the corner. O’Reilly tagged in but Dunne fought back with strikes. He dropped him with a big knee and a leg sweep as Fish tagged back in.

Dunne and Fish tangled some more. Fish hit a Samoan Drop in the middle of the ring. O’Reilly tagged back in and kept Dunne on the mat with strikes. Dunne grabbed O’Reilly’s ankle but Fish tagged in to break it. He ended up fighting out of the corner again but they double teamed him, sending him from the apron to the floor. Fish brought Dunne back in for a two count. He worked Dunne over in the corner.

Further, O’Reilly tagged in for the double team but Dunne blocked it. He ended up knocking Fish off the apron to the floor while Dunne moved. Dunne dropped them again and Riddle came in for a pop. Riddle unloaded on both opponents and kipped up. Riddle hit an Exploder suplex on O’Reilly and then Fish. He hit a pair of Brotons. Riddle kicked O’Reilly and hit a big Fisherman’s buster on Fish. He mounted big offense and a German to O’Reilly for a two count.

Fans popped for Riddle’s offense. Riddle ran into a knee from O’Reilly. Dunne tagged in and they double teamed O’Reilly twice for a close two count. He ended up stomping Fish’s fingers on the floor. Dunne kicked but Fish moved and he kicked the ring post. O’Reilly and Riddle traded big moves in the ring. Riddle ate Germans and yelled back at O’Reilly. Riddle hit a German of his own.

O’Reilly hit a big strike and Riddle came right back with a knee to drop him. So, fans chanted “NXT!” Riddle ended up spearing Fish on the floor. He came back in and slammed O’Reilly. Riddle went to put O’Reilly away but Fish hit the chop block from behind. Fish ended up hitting a German on Riddle for a close two count. They went to double team Riddle but he nailed double knees. Dunne tried to put O’Reilly away a few times but he kept coming.

Riddle has Fish in an ankle lock while Dunne had O’Reilly in one. The champs got out. O’Reilly nailed a Scorpion Deathlock while Fish had a guillotine on Riddle, a Sleeper hold. Riddle broke the hold on Dunne with a knee to the face of O’Reilly. They all went down and try to recover while fans were cheering them on. Fish was legal. Dunne ducked a kick and hit a German. He stomped on the fingers and kicked Fish in the head.

Moreover, Riddle tagged and climbed to the top as Dunne had Fish in the Electric Chair. Fish broke it up. O’Reilly dropped Dunne on the floor with a kick. Fish hit a big superplex on Riddle. O’Reilly hit a big knee drop and a submission on Riddle’s knee in the middle of the ring. Fish kept Dunne from coming off the top to break the hold. Dunne broke his fingers back. He leapt off the top and stomped on O’Reilly’s fingers to free Riddle.

Riddle crawled to the corner while fans were chanting “this is awesome!” Further, O’Reilly and Dunne traded strikes. Dunne got sent into Riddle, knocking him to the floor. He grabbed the fingers of O’Reilly and bit them to prevent a tag. Dunne bent the hand back. O’Reilly and Dunne traded counters. Riddle came in but missed a Spear, taking Dunne out with it. O’Reilly sent Riddle to the floor. Fish and O’Reilly double teamed to Dunne but he still kicked out and no one could believe it.

Dunne fought off the double team and Riddle tagged himself in. Riddle hit a Final Flash to Fish to drop him. Dunne & Riddle double team O’Reilly some more. Riddle dropped O’Reilly into his knee. Dunne connected with a kick to the head. Riddle covered for the pin to win the titles. After the match, the new champions begin their celebration while fans popped. The BroserWeights stood tall with the titles and posed together.


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