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The Big Dog & Erick Rowan threw down in a chaotic brawl

Erick Rowan came out with new theme music while Greg Hamilton did the introduction. Rowan took the mic and said all his life, no one gets him and no one understands him. So, fans immediately started with the “What!?” treatment. He went on about how everyone is afraid to look him in the eyes and see what made him tick. Rowan said he’s a mastermind, a manipulator and a schemer. But everyone seems to see is a big brute who terrorizes and brutalizes, just how he did to Reigns last week.

Finally, the music interrupted, and The Bog Dog came out while Rowan got ready for a fight. Reigns stepped into the ring and immediately hit a Superman Punch, sending Rowan out of the ring. Rowan was right back up on his feet, staggering around. Reigns ran around the ring for a Spear, but Rowan kicked him and then sent him into the barrier. The Big Dog rocked Rowan and sent him over the barrier into the crowd. However, they started brawling through the crowd.

They fought back to the ringside area and Reigns hit another Superman Punch. So, the security and officials ran down to keep them apart. But Reigns nailed another Superman Punch while Rowan tried to come back over the barrier. Rowan got up and lifted a fan in the air, then launched him at security, taking them all down. He yelled at officials while they plead with him to back off. Rowan said he has something to say. They backed him off, but Rowan ran around the ring, launching himself at Reigns and a few security guards.

Rowan stomped on Reigns and dragged him up the ramp. Reigns rocked him with right hands on the ramp, but Rowan dropped him. Fans booed while officials back Rowan off Reigns again. Reigns got up and nailed Rowan with another Superman Punch. He knocked Rowan back onto the KOTR throne and beat on him. Therefore, fans chanted for Reigns some. Rowan grabbed one of the long camera arms that hung in the air and rammed it back into Reigns and some of security. He talked trash to Reigns about Sunday while a brief “holy s–t!” chant broke out.

The officials checked on Reigns and the security guards. Reigns slowly got to his feet on the stage while fans cheered him on and chanted his name. Further, we saw Erick Rowan was pacing around backstage, chanting Roman Reigns’ name.

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