The New Day’s celebration of Kofi’s win against Daniel Bryan was outstanding on this tuesday’s Smackdown Live. On WrestleMania 35 , Kofi’s was crrowned the WWE Champion after knocking down The New Daniel Bryan. After that, the Big E splits and said to Wood, “This win meant a lot to the family of Kofi and himself.” During this, The Bar started interrupting him.

The Bar challenged them to play a 6-man battle. He was also claiming that Kofi had his luck in the previous match. But he could have lost in the previous match against the Big Seth Rollins. Apart from this, he said that Drew McIntyre will be on their side in a 6-man tag team match.

Aliester Black, Ricochet VS Nakamura and Andrade, Ali

Ricochet and Nakamura started the match well. They tagged Rusev in the early part of the match and then Andrade. While tagging, Ricochet was in a bit of trouble. After that, he played well and came back with a strong neck breaker. They also hit a double team move after tagging.

Black came back strongly with his blistering fighting skills. He tagged Ali, and both went for a tag-return. In the end, Ali got the victory as he was able to get the pin first.

After the entertaining match, Randy Orton was coming to the ring with RKO. Before that, Kevin Owens marked a beautiful entry to help Rusev.

Carmella and R-truth were busy in celebrations of Mella’s win as she won the battle in women’s ring. Samoa Joe made his entry and attacked Truth with his heavyweight punch. After this, Jow locked in the cells of Coquina Clutch. He knocked down truth before the arrival of Braun Strowman. Somehow, Joe managed to escape himself from the lock. He was running out from the ring with his winning title.


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