The steel cages lowered down while sirens went off. Alicia Taylor went over the rules of the first-ever women’s WarGames match. Team Captain Rhea Ripley came out to a pop. She stood by one of the large cages on the stage, which had a referee standing by it. Bianca Belair was out next representing Team Baszler, which had the order of entry advantage for the match. Bianca also stood next to one of the cage pods. Candice LeRae was out next, and she also stood next to the cage with Ripley. NXT UK Women’s Champion Kay Lee Ray was out next. She joined Belair by their cage. Tegan Nox was out next. She stared down Ray and then stood by the cage.

Io Shirai was out next. She joined the cage with the other Team Baszler members. Dakota Kai came out next. Team Captain and NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler was out last.The two teams talked, and Shirai got sent to the cages first. LeRae also got sent down by her team. Both entered the cages, and the referee locked the door. They locked up and started brawling. LeRae hit a headscissors takedown, but Shirai landed on her feet. Shirai went on while fans were doing duel chants. LeRae countered and slammed Shirai on her face. She went to leap to the other ring with a forearm, but Shirai decked her. Shirai hit a big missile dropkick from the ropes that meet in the middle of the ring. She went on and nailed a dropkick in the corner.

Fans did more duelling chants while they tangled in between the two rings. They went down on the steel plate in between the two rings with Shirai taking her face-down. Shirai smashed LeRae’s face into the wall of the cage. She unloaded in the corner. LeRae broke free with a jawbreaker. She looked for an opening, but Shirai nailed a suplex. Shirai mounted LeRae in the middle of the ring and kept her down. LeRae fought back as the counter went off. Belair was in next. She unloaded and hit a standing Shooting Star Press. LeRae dropped Belair and went back to Shirai in the corner. She got them both in the corner and hit them with a bunch of strikes at the same time.

Belair fought out and hit two big powerbombs on LeRae for a pop. She held for a third powerbomb but launched LeRae into the wall of the cage instead. Belair got hyped up as the crowd chanted for her. Shirai ran the ropes about a dozen times as fans started building with her, while Belair held LeRae in a Camel Clutch. She keeps running and then hit Candice with a big shot to the face. So, the fans went wild. The timer counted down, and Ripley was next in the match. Ripley hit the cages with trash cans and other weapons, dropping opponents. She started filling the ring up with kendo sticks, chairs and other weapons.

So, the fans chanted for tables. Ripley entered to boo for no tables. He ducked Belair and launched her face-first into a trash can. Ripley stood a chair up and went back to work on Belair while she was down. Candice put chairs up next to the one Ripley set up. They both went for Belair and tried to double suplex her on the chairs, but Shirai made the save. Shirai beat down LeRae while Belair unloaded on Ripley. The timer counted down, and Ray was next. Ray went under the ring for weapons, but she came in empty-handed instead, picking up a chair to unload on LeRae with it. She hit a big tornado DDT onto a chair to Ripley.

Ray knocked Ripley onto the chairs that were set up earlier. LeRae stopped Belair from splashing Ripley on the chairs. There was chaos in the corner. Ray unfolded all the set up chairs and fans booed her for putting the chairs out of commission. Ray was stopping a Belair superplex onto the chairs. Everyone was still stacked up in the corner. Finally, Ripley came over and finished the Tower of Doom, dropping everyone but Belair on the pile of chairs. Belair came flying next, splashing everyone on the chairs. The timer counted, and the Kai was next. Kai left the cage but stopped and turned around, dropping Nox in the cage. She unloaded on Nox and destroyed her inside the cage.

The others looked on from WarGames. So, fans chanted “holy shit!” Baszler laughed while Kai was destroying Nox and slammed the cage door on her injured knees over and over. NXT General Manager William Regal tried to stop Kai, but she put hands on him. Regal and officials finally got Kai to leave. Baszler laughed some more. Kai came running back over to attack Nox again while she was down. Fans booed Kai while she was looking down at the cages. Referees and Regal ordered her to the back. Ripley was furious in the ring. Baszler pointed and laughed, ready to come out of the cage.

The counter went off again, and Baszler was the final member. Baszler mocked and taunted her opponents as she looked over at officials tending to Kai. Dakota slowly made her way to the cages as Belair and Ray double-teamed Ripley. Baszler came in, and Ripley brawled with her. Ripley got double teamed, and Baszler kicked her while she was held. Mauro confirmed that the match’s now officially underway as Nox cannot compete. Pinfalls and submissions were legal. Baszler had handcuffs and looked to limit her opponents, but they fought back. Ripley and Baszler brawled. Belair made the save. Ray saved Shirai from LeRae.

Ripley dropkicked Ray. Ripley blocked a Ray DDT and slammed her back into the wall of the cage for a pop. Baszler ended up applying a Kirifuda Clutch to LeRae while she hung from the corner. She broke free and ended up launching LeRae across the ring. LeRae hit a moonsault on Baszler, but Belair hit her in the face with a trash can to make the save. Belair pressed LeRae high in the air and over onto Ripley in the other ring. Ray hit a Gory Bomb to LeRae. Shirai hit a moonsault on LeRae. Ray sent Ripley into the cage, but she dropped her. Belair took her hair and whipped away on Ripley. Candice made the save with tons of kendo stick shots to Belair.

Shirai ended up climbing to the top of the cage while fans went wild. LeRae climbed up with her and tried to stop her. Ray stopped LeRae, but LeRae brought her to the mat with a huge super hurricanrana from the top of the cage, for a two count as Belair broke the pin. Fans went wild with another big “NXT!” and “Mamma Mia!” chant after a big multi-woman spot from the rings. Baszler got slapped and beat on with a steel chair from Ripley. Ripley placed a trash can on two chairs set up. Ray ended up taking the trash can to the face. Baszler hit the Kirifuda Clutch to Ripley in the middle of the ring.

Ripley tried to break it, but Baszler manhandled her. She handcuffed herself to Baszler. They tangled a bit. Ripley lifted Baszler and slammed her over the two chairs standing up still, while cuffed. Ripley went right into the pin to get the win. After the match, the referee checked on Ripley and Baszler, freeing them. Ripley stood tall in the middle of the ring as LeRae joined her to have their arm raised for a pop. They celebrated up to the stage as the others recovered in the rings.

Result: Team Ripley def. Team Baszler


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