Taynara Conti came out first while Alicia Taylor did the introductions. Santana Garrett was out next for her debut. The announcers talked about her background, being inspired by her father, who she lost to cancer earlier this year. Also, they said the competitors are trying to impress Rhea Ripley and Shayna Baszler for the final WarGames spots. They went for early pin attempts.

Taynara grounded Garrett by her arm. Garrett got up and took Taynara down a few times. She hit a Russian leg sweep and a two count. Taynara came back with an overhead belly-to-belly throw and a huge running knee to the face. She delivered more strikes for a pop. Taynara took Garrett back down and covers for a two count. She talked some trash and kicked Garrett a few times while holding her down by her arm.

Garrett fought back with right hands. Taynara countered with another big knee. Taynara hit some judo throws and her Ipponzei. She delivered more offense before taking Garrett down into a Rings of Saturn. They got up, and Garrett countered with a jawbreaker. Garrett started to mount momentum and hit the Cartwheel Handspring back elbow into the corner. Beth talked about how this is an emotional match for Santana.

Garrett hit more strikes and more offense, but Taynara kicked out at two. She landed a handspring moonsault, but Taynara moved and stayed in it. Taynara went on and hit a kick to the face for the pin to win.  After the match, Taynara stood tall. Taynara was all smiles, and she continued celebrating another win. Elsewhere, Shayna Baszler was backstage warming up with Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir.


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