The Street Profits hold off The Monday Night Messiah & Murphy in tag title rematch

Street Profits with a strong start. Dawkins worked over Murphy. Ford hyped up and wanted to come in. He went off the second rope with a double ax handle. Dawkins came in, worked over Murphy’s arm. Ford tagged and hit a double stomp on the arm. Murphy stunned Ford and Rollins got the tag and stomped away at Ford in the corner. Ford worked his way back into the match, taunting Rollins along the way. Rollins popped Ford, and tagged Murphy in. Ford with an arm drag.

However, the crowd was pretty quiet thus far, perhaps a bit tired after a stretch of really good matches. Murphy tried to bait Dawkins, blind tag by Rollins who then got a chop block to bring down the big man. He started working over the knee. Ford tagged in, landed a big crossbody on Murphy, and knocked Rollins off the apron. He dropped Murphy again, sent Rolling out to the floor. Ford then hit a Standing moonsault on Murphy for a two-count.

Ford nailed a flip over the top rope on both opponents. He send Murphy back in the ring. Rollins distracted the referee while AOP ambushed Ford, throwing him into the barricade. Viking Raiders came out and brawled with AOP. The group brawled to the back. Murphy went to work on Ford, hit meteora to the face for a two-count. Rollins tagged back in, Murphy gets sent to the outside. Ford tagged in Dawkins who landed a ton of strikes on both opponents.

Dawkins hit Flapjack on Murphy, and discus splashes in the corner on both opponents. He hit a bulldog on Rollins. Ford brought back in, assisted sliced bread for a two-count. Rollins hit a slingblade on Ford. Murphy tagged back in. Rollins hit a double superkick on Dawkins. Ford springboarded in and ate double superkicks.Murphy looked for a pedigree, but missed. Rollins tagged in, and Dawkins dropped him. Ford hit a big frog splash. Rollins looked for the stomp but blocked. He hit Buckle bomb / kick to the back of the head on Ford.

Rollins hit a suicide dive on Dawkins, but caught in midair, and Dawkin hit fallaway slam. Murphy kicked Ford in the face and climbed to the top. Ford hit a punch to the face and headed up to the second rope. Dawkins tagged in, they climbed up together and looked for a double superplex, but Rollins sneaked in and it’s a tower of doom. Kevin Owens came through the crowd, eating some popcorn. Owens tossed some popcorn at Rollins, Dawkins absolutely ran over Rollins. Murphy then sent into the barricade. Back in the ring, Dawkins powerbombed Murphy. Ford hit the big frog splash for pin to retain.

Result: RAW Tag Team Champions The Street Profits def. Seth Rollins & Murphy


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