WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin came out for his 3:16 Day celebration. Austin took some of his Broken Skull IPA beers and had a beer bash while entering the ring. He chugged the first two and did his signature fall. Austin took the mic after the music stops. He declared that March 16 is now a national holiday from here on out. Austin asked for the crowd to give him a “Hell Yeah!” but there was no crowd. He asked again and Byron Saxton gave him the “Hell Yeah!” Saxton did this again.

Austin read off cards about what 3:16 Day means. There’s more comedy from Austin here, and Saxton as he scored each card that Austin reads. Austin’s last declaration is that 3:16 Day is a day where you can whoop anyone’s ass at any time and that’s the bottom line. Austin said Saxton has been such a big help in this segment, that he’s invited to come down to the ring to celebrate.

Austin had a few more beers tossed to him as Saxton headed to the ring, all smiles. Lawler and Tom saw what’s about to happen. Austin thanked Saxton and handed him a beer. He thanked Saxton for his work tonight and offered up a toast, but called him a jackass. They started chugging the beers together and Austin dropped Saxton with a Stunner while he’s drinking. Austin’s music hit as he called for more beers to be tossed into the ring. Austin had a beer bash in the ring.

However, the music interrupts and RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch made her way out. Becky was carrying a cooler. Austin was all smiles. Becky stepped on Saxton like he’s not there. She took more beers out of her cooler and said she’s here to celebrate 3:16 Day with Austin. Austin’s music started back up as he and Becky continued their beer bash.

Saxton was still trying to recover. He finally got up but Austin poured more beer down his throat and dropped him with another Stunner. Becky took the mic and get down in Saxton’s face, saying that’s what happens when Stone Cold and The Man come around. The beer bash continued as the first-ever WWE RAW from the WWE Performance Center went off the air, two minutes early.


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