WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin came out to a big pop. Michael Cole welcomed us to RAW while Mike Rome introduced Stone Cold. Austin caught beers in the ring and started celebrating early while the music and the beverages continued. However, the ring is set up for a contract signing for WWE Clash of Champions. Austin hyped his MSG return and got his signature “What!?” treatment from fans. He talked about some of his MSG memories before hyping up the WWE Universal Title match contract signing. Austin gave it up for RAW Tag Team Champion Braun Strowman, and he came out to a pop. The Monster Among Men hit the ring and had a staredown with Austin. The fans chanted “Austin!” while they stare each other down.

Austin turned away and introduced RAW Tag Team & Universal Champion Seth Rollins, and he came out to a pop. He shook their hands and said we have business to get to. Austin wasn’t sure why they keep having trouble signing this contract but he’s here to make sure it happens. The BeastSlayer wanted to say a few words first. He got the crowd hyped up and was ready to burn it down. Rollins told Austin that “this big goof” thinks they have it in for him. He went on, and it’s downplayed. Rollins talked about how good he is and how he will be the champion after Clash, but some booed him. Finally, The Architect signed the contract.

Further, Strowman said he grew up watching Austin and has nothing but the most respect for him but let’s be honest, Steve – a rattlesnake is still a snake. The Monster told Rollins he’s not going to turn his back on him and loves being tag team champions. But he’s also going to love being the WWE Universal Champion. Strowman borrowed a quote from Austin and said he’s going to open up a can of whoop-ass on Rollins. Also, he’s going to get these hands. Strowman signed the contract too, but the music interrupted as The OC came to the stage. WWE United States Champion AJ Styles took the mic while Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson stand next to him.

Styles mocked everyone in the ring and talked trash to the fans, telling them to shut up after he got the “What!?” treatment. The OC went closer to the squared circle. Styles told Austin to stay out of this because it has nothing to do with him. So, the fans booed him some more. He said this is why no one likes coming to NYC. Therefore, everyone chanted “asshole!” at Styles. The Phenomenal One said Austin has turned into a real asshole in his old age. The OC stepped into the ring. He called Austin an “old fart” while fan booed him some more. The two sides faced off, but Styles kept running his mouth. Austin moved the table out of the way, which was separating the two sides. Stone Cold said he doesn’t know where Styles is coming from, but he knows where Styles is going.

Moreover, Rollins and Strowman attacked The OC while Austin watched. Strowman went out of the ring and run over Gallows on the outside, and then Anderson on the ramp. Styles ducked a Stomp in the ring, and then sent Rollins out of the ring to the floor. He ran his mouth, but Austin sneaked up from behind. Fans cheered while Austin waited. Styles turned around to a big Stunner from Austin while fans went wild.  Austin dropped down and got in Styles face as the trash-talking flew. He called for some of his Broken Skull IPA beers to be tossed in the ring and then hit the corners to pose. Styles was down on his back in the middle of the ring while Austin made his exit.


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