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Sonya Deville made a bold statement by beating Mandy Rose


Mandy Rose made her way out for tonight’s opener. Michael Cole welcomed us to SmackDown, joined by Corey Graves. They went over the Rose vs. Sonya Deville feud. Deville was out next while Greg Hamilton did the introductions. The bell rang and they went at it. Rose unloaded and beat Deville down in the corner. The referee tried to get her to back off. Rose kept the offense going but had some trouble with her knee.

Deville took advantage but Rose dropped her and kept the offense coming. Sonya retreated to the floor for a breather. Rose yelled at her to come back in. Deville came back to the apron and Rose ran into a kick. Sonya came back into the ring with a knee. Deville then hit a running knee for a close two count. She talked some trash and kept Rose down, taunting her.

Deville manhandled Rose some, slamming her back to the mat for a bodyscissors while talking trash to her face. She looked to rip Rose’s lashes off. Deville kept the trash talking and shots coming while on the mat. She went on about how she’s going to hurt her former friend and partner. Deville hit another kick. She ran the ropes but Rose clotheslines her, and again. Rose hit a running knee to knock Deville out to the floor. She followed and slamed Deville’s face into the announce table, calling her a b***h.

Rose slammed Deville face-first into the steel steps while the referee count. She launched Deville into the steps. Rose launched Deville over the announce table as Grave and Cole quickly move out of the way. She kept talking trash as she brought Deville back into the ring. Rose yelled at Deville to get back up and fight. She went for the double underhook but it’s blocked. Deville blocked a knee and rolled Rose up for the pin out of nowhere.

Result: Sonya Deville def. Mandy Rose

Post-match, The Golden Goddess was shocked as the music hit. Deville quickly retreated to the stage and started laughing as Rose looked on from the ring. They stared each other down.

The Pridefighter has taken to her twitter handle and made a bold claim.



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