Earlier, Sarah Schreiber was backstage with The Hugger and Sasha Banks. The Boss and Bayley joked around, mocking Schreiber some. Banks said they’re going home with all the gold. Before the match, Tom Phillips welcomed us to the ring. Byron Saxton and Corey Graves were accompanying him. Charlotte Flair came out first to a big hometown pop. SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley was out next. The bell rang and we got formal ring introductions from Greg Hamilton.

However, the fans were booing Bayley during her entrance and the introductions. The match started, and Flair immediately leveled Bayley with a big running boot for a close two count. Bayley went right to the floor for a breather. Flair smiled and taunted her from the ring. She chased Bayley back into the ring and went to work with chops. Bayley countered a move and slammed Flair by her hair.

She unloaded with more offense until Flair slammed her back to the mat for a two count. They went back to the floor and Flair launched Bayley into the barrier, and again. Flair brought it back in for a two count. She focused on the leg and the knee. So, the referee got in between. Bayley ended up pulling the turnbuckle pad down while the referee was busy with Flair.

Flair finished with the referee and went to Bayley, but Bayley pulled her down into the exposed turnbuckle, immediately covering for the quick pin for the finish out of nowhere. After the match, Bayley ran right to ringside and grabbed her title. She then ran away to the back in a hurry while her music played. We saw to replays while Flair was down. A disappointed Flair headed to the back while fans were still surprised at the quick match and finish.


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