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SmackDown tangled with NXT in Eight Women Tag Team Match

Dakota Kai dropped Nikki Cross to start as the bell hit. Cross dropped Kai with a crossbody and then unloaded with strikes. Mia Yim tagged in, but Cross took her down. Carmella and Yim went at it. Yim worked on the arm, but Carmella fought out. She dropped Carmella. They both ducked kicks, but Carmella connected with a kick to the gut. Tegan Nox got knocked off the apron. Yim slammed Carmella by her hair.

Nox tagged in and unloaded on Carmella in the corner with kicks. The referee told her to back off. Dakota tagged in and hit a big running forearm to Carmella in the corner. Kai and Nox with more double teaming in the corner on Carmella. Nox went for the tag, but she was not legal. Kai ran back in and covered, but Carmella kicked out. Nox came back in and worked Carmella around, choking her with the middle rope while the others talked trash in her face.

She dropped Carmella again for another two count. Finally, Carmella tagged Sasha Banks in. She dropped Nox and talked some trash. Nox countered and rolled Banks up for a two count. Banks came back and kicked Nox into the corner. Rhea Ripley came in slowly while fans popped. Banks took a few steps back. They had words in the middle of the ring, and Banks rocked her with a slap.

Ripley swung but missed. She went on and overpowered Banks, then dropped her with a big suplex. Ripley yelled in Banks’ face and stood tall over her. Banks and Ripley both delivered cheap shots at the same time to the others partners. The two teams came in the ring and argued with each other while the tension was building. Ripley went at it with Cross, who nailed a second rope crossbody. Cross knocked some of Ripley’s partners off the apron.

Kai tagged in, but Cross caught her and slammed her for a two count as Nox broke it up. Dana Brooke also got involved. She nailed Ripley in the corner and tossed Yim to the floor. Ripley nailed a huge dropkick to Dana. Banks leveled Ripley into the corner. Kai kicked Banks out of the ring. Cross came off the top but missed Kai. Dakota hit a big Scorpion Kick to Cross to put her down.

Cross blocked a suplex and dropped Kai in the middle of the ring with her swinging neckbreaker. Cross covered Kai for the pin to win. After the match, the NXT Superstars attacked Kai until the others quickly made the save. A big brawl broke out. Further, Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville ran back down to the ring to help clear it out. The SmackDown Superstars looked on from the ring as the NXT Superstars talked trash back, heading through the crowd.

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