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SmackDown Tag Team Champions The New Day defeated Daniel Bryan & Rowan

SmackDown Tag Team Champions The New Day – Big E and Xavier Woods faced Daniel Bryan and Rowan on final SmackDown before SummerSlam. The bell rang, and Bryan immediately attacked Woods, unloading on him. Woods ended up turning it around and dropkicking Bryan to the floor. He kept control and leaped out, taking Bryan back down on the outside. Bryan tangled with Woods and took it to the corner.

However, Rowan tagged in and overpowered Woods, slamming him and staring down Big E. Woods went at it with Rowan and nailed an Enziguri to the face. He took a shot at Bryan and then unloaded on Rowan in the corner. Rowan came right back with a big crossbody to shut Woods down for a two count. He kept Woods grounded and worked him over.

Rowan backed Woods into the corner again while fans tried to rally for Woods. Bryan tagged back in for another big double team in the corner. He worked Woods over and kept him grounded. Bryan dropped a knee while Big E reached for the tag. Woods battled out of a hold and rocked Bryan with an elbow. He went for the tag, but Bryan stopped him. Woods broke free and nailed a rolling elbow on Bryan.

So, fans rallied for Woods. Rowan tagged in and knocked Big E off the apron. Also, he tossed Woods over the top rope to the floor. Rowan followed and sent Woods into the steel ring steps. He tossed Woods over into the timekeeper’s area. Fans cheered Woods as he finally dropped Rowan. Woods made the hot tag to Big E while the crowd went wild.

Likewise, Bryan came in, but Big E unloaded on him. Big E hit the splash on Bryan in the middle of the ring. Bryan ducked a clothesline and kicked Big E’s leg out. He kicked while Big E was on his knees. Big E ducked a kick and rolled Bryan up for a two count. He went right into the Stretch Muffler submission, but Bryan took his leg out.

Bryan took Big E down into the LeBell Lock. Big E countered, and Bryan went for a triangle, but Big E powered up with a powerbomb. He covered, but Bryan kicked out just in time. Bryan went to the corner for a tag, but Rowan was down on the outside. He fought Big E off and tagged Rowan in while he returned to the apron. Rowan leveled Big E with a spin kick for a pin, but Big E kicked out just in time.

Further, he scooped Big E on his shoulders, but Big E slid out. Woods tagged in, and Big E dropped Rowan. Woods climbed to the top and hit the big flying elbow on Rowan, but Bryan broke the pin attempt up. Big E speared Bryan off the apron to the floor. Woods ran the ropes to dive out and hit Rowan, but Rowan met him with half of the steel steps. The referee called the match. Bryan & Rowan continued the beatdown after the match.

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