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SmackDown Results: Otis defeated Daniel Bryan & Xavier Woods in Triple Threat Match

The bell rang, and Daniel Bryan went to the floor. Meanwhile,  Xavier Woods and Otis faced off, locking up to start. Bryan ran in and jumped on the back of Otis after he tossed Woods. He got dropped and went back to the floor while Woods tried to overpower Otis. Bryan ran in and joined Woods for a double Suplex attempt on Otis. Otis countered and hit a double suplex on Woods and Bryan at the same time.

Otis covered Bryan for two counts. He whipped Woods into the corner a few times. Bryan ran in, but Otis planted him face-first into the mat. Rowan interfered at one point and then dropped Tucker on the floor. Rowan rocked Tucker until Big E ran over and involved. Tucker and Big E had words at ringside after tossing Rowan over the announce table to block a double Iron Claw attempt.

Moreover, the referee ordered Tucker, Big E, and Rowan to the back. Tom said the match has to be reset. Woods worked over Bryan on the outside, sending him into the barrier. He brought it back into the ring and climbed to the top. Woods hit a missile dropkick to Bryan for two counts. Woods scooped Bryan, but he slides out. Bryan blocked the Honor Roll and applied the LeBell Lock in the middle of the squared circle.

Meanwhile, Otis ran in and broke the submission. Bryan hit kicks to the gut of Otis, bringing him to his knees. He hit more kicks. Otis caught the roundhouse and scooped Bryan for a big slam. Woods hit a kick to the face of Otis. Otis caught a move by Woods and dropped him. Also, He hit running splashes to Woods and Bryan in the corner. Otis got ready for The Caterpillar and hit it on Bryan, dropping the elbow.

Bryan rolled to the apron to avoid the pin. He super kicked Otis down. Bryan charged Woods with a running knee, but Woods turned it into a Gutbuster. Daniel Bryan rolled to the floor. Woods and Otis traded shots. Otis hit a big slam for the pin to win.  The Heavy Machinery’s Otis stood tall after the match.

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