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SmackDown Results – Jan 24, 2020 | The Final SmackDown before Royal Rumble


Welcome to our WWE-NEWS.COM for WWE SmackDown Results – January 24, 2020 edition. The Final SmackDown before WWE Royal Rumble 2020 PPV came live from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX. Michael Cole welcomed us – joined by Corey Graves, and they hyped tonight’s episode.

Roman Reigns & The Usos def. King Corbin, Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode

The Usos – Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso came out for tonight’s opener. Roman Reigns was out next. We got a look back at how Reigns defeated Robert Roode in a Tables Match last week. He got to pick the Falls Count Anywhere match for Sunday’s singles match at the Rumble with King Corbin. King Corbin was out next, riding to the ring on his caravan. Roode and Dolph Ziggler were with him.

The bell hit as Ziggler started things off with Jey. Ziggler took it to the corner and backed off but then rocked Jey in the mouth. Jey applied a headlock. He nailed a shoulder to drop Ziggler. Jey delivered a big chop. Jimmy tagged in and they double teamed Ziggler. They dropped double elbows and Jimmy covered for a two count. Roode tagged in and they locked up.

Roode took Jimmy to the corner and beat him down. He stomped away while fans were rallying for Uso. Jimmy fought out of the corner and then delivered chops back into the corner. Roode countered and sent Uso to the apron. He slipped and fell to the floor. Ziggler followed up and charged to send jimmy into the steel ring steps and post. The referee checked on Jimmy while the other Superstars came over to face off. Jey and the referee checked on Jimmy.

Trainers came over to assist while they talked about Jimmy landing on the back of his head. Officials helped Jimmy to his feet and the crowd clapped. Cole played up the seriousness of the situation as Jimmy was helped to the back. After the break, this was a 2-on-3 Handicap Match. Jey ended up going at it with Ziggler and taking control. He hit a big headbutt for a two count in the middle of the ring. Ziggler took Jey to the corner and Corbin came in.

Corbin dropped Jey and played to the crowd for boos. Jey rocked Corbin a few times and fans popped. Corbin slid under the bottom rope and right back in but Jey elbowed him. Jey climbed to the top but rolled through as Corbin moved. Corbin immediately caught Jey with a Deep Six for a two count. Reigns entered and had words with Corbin. Jey got sent to the floor while Corbin continued to taunt Reigns.

However, Ziggler took advantage with cheap shots to Jey on the outside. Roode tagged in and rammed Jey back into the apron. He brought it back in the ring and worked Jey over. Roode nailed a neckbreaker in the middle of the ring for a two count. He dragged Jey back to the corner and Ziggler came in with a tag. Ziggler dropped a big elbow for another close pin attempt. Corbin tagged in and stomped while Ziggler was holding Jey down. He unloaded on Jey with elbows to the chest.

Roode tagged back in while fans were chanting “Corbin sucks!” Jey got sent to the corner but he knocked Corbin off to the floor. He went at it with Roode and drops him with an enziguri for a big pop. Reigns waited for the tag and reached out while fans rallied. Corbin came from behind and pulled Reigns off the apron, and then sent him into the steel steps, then into the barrier. He tossed Reigns over the barrier to the feet of fans in the front. Here came the commercial.

After the break, Corbin brought Jey back into the ring, playing to the crowd and wasting time while they were booing him. Roman was still down at ringside. Jey countered a whip and sent Corbin into the ring post shoulder-first. Finally, Reigns returned to the apron to reach for the tag as Jey crawled. Reigns tagged in and unloaded on Ziggler as Corbin quickly tagged out. Roode got knocked off the apron.

Reigns leveled Ziggler while fans were cheering him on. He delivered clotheslines in the corner while fans were counting along with him. Reigns leveled Ziggler with a big boot to the face. He took in the support from the crowd and called to put Ziggler away as he got up. Roode distracted the referee, allowing Corbin to come from behind and grabbed Reigns by the hair. Reigns fought free but turned around to a big superkick from Ziggler but he still kicked out at two. So, fans chanted for The Big Dog.

Ziggler stalked him and talked trash. He tossed Reigns out to the floor. Roode and Corbin stomped away on Reigns while Ziggler kept the referee distracted. Ziggler went back out, taunting Reigns and yelling at him in front of the announce table. The referee counted but Ziggler brought the fight back in. Ziggler dropped a big elbow and Reigns kicked out at two. Corbin tagged in as Ziggler raked at Reigns’ face. He hit a kick to the gut.

Corbin hit a knee to the gut and a big right hand to the face. He stood tall while the boos got louder. Corbin mounted Reigns and unloaded with strikes. Roode tagged back in and showed off while Reigns was down. He called for the Glorious DDT and waited for Reigns to get up. Roode kicked Reigns but Reigns countered and rolled him up for a two count. Reigns turned that into a big powerbomb for a two count.

Jey returned to the apron and rallied the crowd while Reigns and Ziggler were both down. Ziggler yanked Jey off the apron as Reigns went for the tag. He launched Jey into the barrier twice, and then tossed him over the announce table. Corbin went back to work on Reigns in the ring, beating him into the corner. Ziggler tagged back in and hit a neckbreaker for a two count. He talked trash and waited for Reigns to get back up.

Ziggler started cranking up for the superkick, mocking Reigns while he’s down. He went for the kick but Reigns jumped up with a big Superman Punch. Jey was still down at the announce table. Jimmy came limping down the ramp as fans popped. Reigns tagged Jimmy in and he unloaded on Roode as he also came in. Jimmy hit a big Samoan Drop for Roode in the middle of the ring. He dropped Corbin off the apron and nailed a suicide dive, sending him into the announce table.

Jimmy dropped Roode and then Ziggler from the apron. He climbed to the top and hit a crossbody on Roode but Corbin broke the pin just in time. Jimmy blocked End of Days and slid out. Reigns followed right up with a Superman Punch to Corbin. He beat Corbin around ringside. Reigns beat Corbin over the barrier and into the crowd. Reigns grabbed a trash can and slammed Corbin with it while they were fighting through the crowd. He hit another big trash can to the head.

Reigns chased Corbin to the back. Jimmy climbed to the top but Ziggler came to the apron to try and stop him. Jey came up from the announce table out of nowhere and took Ziggler down off the apron. Roode tried to stop Jimmy but Jimmy countered and nailed the big Uso splash for the pin to win in the middle of the ring. After the match, The Usos celebrated and re-group at ringside while Graves and Cole deal with the announce table debris.

SmackDown Women Champion Bayley attacked Lacey Evans during interview

Michael Cole was on the stage with a microphone. He introduced Lacey Evans and she came out to cheers from the crowd. Cole asked why Evans first questioned the leadership of Bayley & Sasha Banks to start the feud. Evans said because they are bullies. She got tired of watching them do what they do, so she called them out as bullies.

Cole asked about Evans having a rough upbringing. She got emotional while talking about her father losing his battle with addiction and depression. Evans went on talking about being a role model for fans and showing them that they can make it. So, fans cheered and Evans continued getting emotional.

Further, Cole brought up how she went into the Marines. She said that led to her being here in WWE. Cole said Evans will have to be a leader herself if she beats Bayley. Evans said she will be a leader that shows you can accomplish anything if you keep pushing – no matter what’s happened or where you’ve been. She will continue to set that example because that’s what the world needs, and she will be that champion.

Moreover, Cole brought up Evans’ daughter being a fighter. He showed us a replay of what happened last month when Banks and Bayley taunted her daughter at ringside. Evans said watching that makes her angry but she’s glad her daughter stood up to bullies. She talked about how fans didn’t see her daughter crying backstage. Evans had to explain about this being her job. She said Banks and Bayley stood in between she and her daughter when her daughter was trying to support her. Evans said she put Banks on the shelf and come Sunday, she will put Bayley…

Suddenly, SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley attacked from behind and dropped Evans. Bayley yelled at Evans – asking where her daughter is. Officials pulled Bayley away from Evans as she recovered and got back to her feet.

Braun Strowman & Elias def. Shinsuke Nakamura & Cesaro

Elias came out with his guitar. He talked about the Royal Rumble and asked who wants to walk with him. Elias started performing his latest song. He introduced his partner and Braun Strowman came for the next match. Elias surprised Braun with plans for a duet but they were interrupted. Cesaro and WWE Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura were out with Sami Zayn. Elias started things off with Cesaro. Cesaro rocked him but Elias scooped him and dropped him into the top turnbuckle.

Elias delivered a clothesline. He focused on the arm and walked the top rope, nailing double knees. Elias ended up getting sent to the floor by Cesaro. Nakamura nailed Elias on the outside. Braun came running over and flattened Nakamura at ringside. Braun yelled out while fans popped and here came the commercial. After the break, Elias fought off Cesaro in the ring and Nakamura on the apron. Nakamura got knocked off. Elias dropped Cesaro with a big mule kick but he also went down.

More back and forth until Elias leveled Nakamura as Nakamura charged in at him. Sami rallied for Nakamura but Braun got the hot tag and unloaded on Nakamura while fans popped. Cesaro also went down. Braun hit a big splash in the corner. He tossed Nakamura through the air and then clubbed him in the chest. Nakamura made a comeback and came off the second rope with a kick to bring him down. Cesaro tagged in and they double teamed Braun, launching him into the ring post shoulder-first.

Cesaro covered after double team moves for a two count. Sami distracted from the apron. So, Elias took advantage and drops Nakamura into the ring post. The chaos continued but Braun nailed a powerslam to Cesaro in the middle of the ring. Elias tagged in and hit the flying elbow drop from the top, covering Cesaro for the pin to win.  After the match, Strowman and Elias stood tall together in the ring while Sami regrouped his troops.

John Morrison def. SmackDown Tag Team Champion Kofi Kingston

SmackDown Tag Team Champions The New Day – Kofi Kingston came out with Big E. The New Day tossed pancakes to the crowd. John Morrison was out next with The Miz. Morrison did his signature entrance and they stopped on the ramp. Miz took the mic and knocked the crowd for booing Morrison during his in-ring return last week. He asked why they booed Morrison and wondered if it’s because he’s associated with Miz.

Miz said he is the same and hasn’t changed. You can see that when the second season of Miz & Mrs. premieres next Wednesday on the USA Network at 10pm ET. Miz went on and announced their two spots for the 30-Man Royal Rumble Match. He also bragged about how Morrison beat Big E last week. Miz said it will be awesome when he or Morrison wins and went on to WrestleMania. The music resumed as Morrison hit the ring.

The bell rang and they locked up. Morrison took it to the corner and shoved Kofi as he backed up. Kofi shoved Morrison back. They went at it and avoided moves with counters. Kofi countered coming out of the corner. Morrison got dropped on his face. He countered a move and sent Kofi to the floor through the ropes. Morrison ran the ropes but ended up on the floor as Kofi watched.

Kofi launched himself from the ring to the floor, taking Morrison down. Morrison came back and dropped Kofi on the floor, right in front of Miz. Here came the commercial. After the break, Morrison had Kofi down. Kofi kicked him away. Morrison ran into a kick to the nose in the corner. Kofi rolled Morrison through but Morrison fired back with a big running knee to the mouth. Kofi dodged Starship Pain and Morrison landed hard.

So, fans try to rally for Kofi as he came off the top. Kofi started to mount more offense. Morrison cut Kofi off with a kick to the chest. Kofi ran up to the top and nailed a big head scissors takedown to send Morrison flying. Kofi kept control for a two count in the middle of the ring. He caught Morrison with another kick to the face as Miz looked concerned at ringside. Kofi hit a Boom Drop in the middle of the ring while fans were cheering him on.

Fans cheered “New Day rocks!” as Kofi went for Trouble In Paradise, but Morrison leveled him with a huge kick out of nowhere. Morrison took Kofi to the top and they traded strikes. Kofi knocked Morrison off the top, almost hitting the referee. We got a cheap thumb to the eye. Morrison went back to the top and hit a big Spanish Fly for a two count. More back and forth until Kofi nailed a SOS for another close pin attempt while Miz yelled out at ringside.

Morrison dropped Kofi and used the second rope for leverage but Big E stopped him to break the pin up. Miz ran over and rocked Big E from the side. Big E chases Miz around the ring and to the apron. Kofi knocked Miz off the apron with Trouble In Paradise. Morrison ran over and dropped Kofi with a shot to the back of the neck. He went back to the top and hit Starship Pain on Kofi for the pin to win. After the match, Morrison stood tall and Morrison assisted Miz to celebrate together.

The Royal Rumble Strap Match Contract Signing ended in horrific chaos

We saw Daniel Bryan walking backstage for the main event segment. Here came the commercial. After the bell, Michael Cole was in the ring for a contract signing. Cole talked about the Strap Match at Sunday’s WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view, and then introduces the challenger. Daniel Bryan came out to a big pop and a “Yes!” chant from the crowd. Bryan stood up and didn’t take a seat. Cole then introduced the WWE Universal Champion Bray Wyatt.

The Firefly Fun House music hit and Bray appeared on the big screen. No sign of The Fiend. Wyatt had a fax machine and was trying to send the contract to Bryan, but couldn’t get this “fancy thing” to work. We saw the leather strap laying on the table next to the contract. Wyatt said this fax issue may be a blessing in disguise because why would Bryan ever strap himself to “him” as that’s insane. He joked about calling customer service.

Bryan interrupted and said he knows Wyatt is a sick man, but he needs to come and sign the contract. Wyatt said that isn’t a nice thing to say and he’s not sick – he’s better than ever. He said his attorney, Mercy – The Buzzard, has advised him to stay right where he’s at. Bryan said he’s seen through Wyatt enough. He went on about how all Wyatt does is run from his problems. Bryan said he will be tied to The Fiend on Sunday and he will make him pay for his mistakes.

Wyatt interrupted and said mistake is the word of the day. The kids in the Fun House all said “yay!” as Wyatt went on about this being all part of Bryan’s big mistake. Wyatt said by the way, Bryan won’t be facing me on Sunday. So, it’s only fitting that “he” signs the contract. The lights started going out in the arena. The red light came back up and we saw The Fiend standing in the ring, the strap in one hand. Bryan was holding the other end.

They started brawling and Bryan charges but The Fiend immediately brought him down in the corner with the Mandible Claw. The Fiend screamed out, and then dropped Bryan with Sister Abigail. Wyatt stood tall over Bryan and left him laid out. He had Bryan’s shirt ripped, and then started whipping him over the back and the side with the strap. Bryan yelled out. Wyatt posed over Bryan and then went to the table to sit down and sign the contract.

The Fiend grabbed the pen and just stabbed himself in the hand with it. He dag the ink pen into his palm and brought it back out, apparently to sign the contract in his own blood. So, fans chanted “You got issues!” The Fiend stood back over Bryan and poses. The lights went back out. The lights came on and The Fiend was gone. We saw the strap marks all over Bryan’s bare back. The contract was laying on the mat in front of Bryan. We saw The Fiend’s blood all over the paper. Cole sent us to replays of what just happened. Bryan sat up on his knees and started to nod his head while a “Yes!” chant broke out in the crowd.

The Royal Rumble go-home edition of SmackDown on FOX went off the air with an angry Bryan getting back to his feet.



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