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SmackDown Results: Extreme Rules Contract Signing for SmackDown Women’s Title Handicap Match

Bayley & Cross signed the contract for the SmackDown Women’s Title Handicap Match for WWE Extreme Rules. SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley was backstage heading towards the squared circle. Also, Kayla Braxton was in the ring with a mic. She introduced Nikki Cross. Further, Kayla introduced SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley next, who came to the table.

WWE Universe saw what happened on last night’s RAW with the Beat The Clock Challenge. In case you don’t know, Cross picked the Handicap Match stipulation for Extreme Rules, and Bayley attacked her. The Hugger pointed to Alexa Bliss not being here tonight. Bayley talked about how she was just like Cross when she first came to WWE. Cross was upset about last night’s attack.

They had more words while Bayley tried to convince Cross that The Goddess is using her. Bayley asked Cross if she’s OK with this, with helping someone else win a title. The Hugger said she understands the odds are against her, but she’s bringing her A-game and will do whatever it takes to win. Also, she asked what will happen when Bliss loses at Extreme Rules and then blames Cross. Bayley signed the contract.

Cross said she would help her friends, but Bayley wouldn’t understand that because her friends have abandoned her. Cross said Bliss isn’t using her and The Goddess has promised that when she wins the title – they will be the first-ever co-champions on the blue brand. However, she signed the contract and told Bayley to stick around for her match with Carmella. Cross wanted to show that when it’s time to play, Nikki has all the fun.

Carmella vs. Nikki Cross

Therefore, Carmella came out & made her way to the ring. The bell rang while The Hugger watched from a chair in front of the announcers. Cross attacked Carmella and unloaded, beating her down and stopping to look at Bayley. She took it to the corner and kept control. Cross hit a dropkick. She kept Carmella grounded. Also, she kept looking out at Bayley. Finally, Carmella tried to make a comeback, but Cross shut her down.

Cross yelled at Bayley, saying this is on her, before going back to work on Carmella. However, Carmella ducked a crossbody attempt, and they both went down. Carmella mounted momentum off the ropes. She ran Cross face-first into her boot in the corner. Fans cheered Carmella while she kept control and hit the Bronco Buster in the corner. They tangle, and Carmella rolled Cross up for pin attempt. Cross blocked another shot and hit her swinging neckbreaker, The Purge, for the pin to win.

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