The Miz squared off against Elias in 2-of-3 Falls Match on SamckDown Live. Miz tried to get the first fall as the bell rang. Further, he kept the momentum going. Shane McMahon prevented Miz from capitalizing on a move which allowed Elias to nail big knee. Elias hit Drift Away for the first fall. The match restarted, and Elias unloaded into the corner and beat Miz down. Also, Elias clotheslined to knock A-Lister back down.

The Best in the World taunted Miz from ringside while Elias kept control using ropes. Elias hit a Suplex for two counts. He kept Miz grounded in the ring. Miz fought out of another hold and knocked Elias into the corner for the comeback. Shane McMahon taunted him from ringside while Miz stared him down. Miz hit a big kick to Elias while he was on his knees – staring at Shane. Elias ducked the roundhouse kick and got two counts. They traded more counters and Miz nailed a big kick to the arm.

More back and forth between the two men until Miz nailed the Skull Crushing Finale. Shane broke the pin attempt and hit the squared circle to mount Miz with strikes. Miz won the second fall by disqualification. Shane was furious about the second fall. He had words with the referee, and then went back to stomping on Miz with Elias. Elias tossed Miz out of the ring, right in front of Shane. Shane O Mac slammed Miz’s head into the announce table a few times. He threw Miz over the table while fans booed him some more.

Elias went out and stomped on Miz some more while he’s down. Shane rammed Miz into the barrier, and he went back down. They brought Miz back into the ring as a “no more Shane!” chant started up. Shane waited in the corner and mocked Roman Reigns. Elias held Miz and allowed Shane to hit a big Spear. Fans booed Shane some more. However, bell rang again, and Elias climbed to the top and hit the flying elbow on Miz as Shane watched from ringside. Elias covered for the pin to win.


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