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SmackDown Results – Big E & Xavier Woods defeated Daniel Bryan & Rowan


SmackDown Tag Team Champions Daniel Bryan & Rowan confronted The New Day’s Big E & Xavier Woods for non-title match. Bryan started off with Woods and hit first. Fans tried to rally for Woods while Bryan kept control. They ran the ropes and Woods nailed a dropkick for two counts. Rowan tagged in and drove Woods to the mat. He dropped Woods with a headbutt. Rowan stomped away in the corner. The referee was distracted, allowing Bryan to stomp away with cheap shots.

Rowan hit a big elbow and covered for two counts. He continued assault on Woods while he’s down. Bryan came back in and kept control, nailing a big flying knee drop for two counts. Rowan came in and Woods nailed a boot but Rowan kept moving and clotheslined him in the corner. Woods hit a cross body from the second rope but Rowan caught him. Woods ended up sliding out and mounting more offense. Rowan clubbed him again and keeps control. He stopped another comeback.

Woods kept battling and hit an Enziguri. Big E and Bryan tagged in at the same time. He hit overhead throws and another big slam to Bryan while fans got crazy. Big E danced over Bryan, ran the ropes and hit a splash but Bryan got his knees up. Bryan went for the LeBell Lock in the middle of the squared circle. Woods ran in and broke the hold. Rowan tossed Woods to the floor. He followed but Woods dropkicked him into the barrier. Bryan with “yes!” kicks in the squared circle but Big E caught him with a huge Uranage in the corner.

Woods tagged in and they hit the Midnight Hour for the pin to win. Big E and Woods celebrated together in the ring after win. We go to replays. Suddenly, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens attacked Woods and Big E from behind. They unloaded and Rowan got involved. Further, Heavy Machinery’s Otis and Tucker ran to the squared circle to help Woods and Big E out. Woods, Big E, Otis & Tucker teamed up to clear the ring and stood tall together.

New Day & Heavy Machinery def. SmackDown Tag Team Champions Daniel Bryan & Rowan and Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn

Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn took turn tagging in to keep Tucker down in their corner. Zayn and KO kept control of Big E and Xavier Woods at times as well. Rowan ended up hitting a huge Superplex on Tucker but The New Day broke it up. Bryan came in and ran over Big E with a knee. Rowan hit the big Iron Claw slam on Woods. He went back to work on Tucker. Bryan tagged in and climbed to the top but missed the flying knee on Tucker.

Tucker hit a big running clothesline to Bryan. Otis rallied the crowd while he returns to the apron after being knocked off earlier. Otis tagged in and ran over Zayn as he came in. He delivered shots to opponents on the apron as well. Otis went back to work on Zayn while fans cheered him on. He stunned Zayn in the corner and then hit a running splash. Otis called for The Caterpillar and hit it on Zayn. The Heavy Machinery hit The Compactor for the pin to win.



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