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SmackDown Live Results – Dolph Ziggler defeated Xavier Woods


The New Day – Big E, Xavier Woods & WWE Champion Kofi Kingston headed to the ring as Greg Hamilton did the introductions. Kingston welcomed everyone to SmackDown Live. The New Day started with their comedy until The Show-Off came. Ziggler said this just typical New Day out here distracting everyone from what we all know from Super ShowDown. Ziggler took shots, going back & forth on the mic with Kofi. However, Kingston warned Ziggler ahead of his singles match with Xavier Woods tonight.

Ziggler promised to come out on top and then take the WWE Championship from Kofi at Stomping Grounds on Sunday. Also, The Show-Off said Kofi doesn’t deserve to be champion, and without The New Day, he is nothing. Dolph Ziggler headed to the ring for a match against Xavier Woods while Kofi and Big E were at ringside. Ziggler nailed a neckbreaker for two counts. Ziggler kept Woods grounded in the middle of the squared circle. Woods ended up coming back and mounting offense. Woods secured two counts with An Honor Roll.

Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens tried to interfere, but the referee ejected them after the interference. Further, Zayn and KO got taken down at ringside on the way out. They brought it back into the ring with the referee checking on Woods as another referee is escorting Kofi and Big E to the back. Kofi’s Brother-in-Arms dropped Ziggler. WWE Officials ejected everyone from ringside. Woods covered for two counts after a big right hand. Ziggler ended up on the floor for a breather, but Woods dropkicked him through the ropes.

The Show-Off brought it back in the ring and held Ziggler high in the air, holding him. Woods dropped Ziggler into a Gutbuster for two counts. Woods took Ziggler to the apron, but Ziggler rammed him back into the ring post. Ziggler super kicked Woods off the apron to the floor. Woods was laid out on the floor as Ziggler followed. Ziggler brought it back into the ring while the referee counts. The Show-Off nailed a Zig Zag, but Woods rolled under the bottom rope to avoid the pin.

Ziggler tied Woods’ arms up in the ropes and did an armbar. The referee checked on Woods as Ziggler backed off. Ziggler nailed a big superkick to the face while Woods is still tied up in the ropes. Woods hits the mat and Ziggler covered for the pin to win. The Show-Off exited the squared circle after the match while Woods was flat in the ring.



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