The Queen of Spades has passed her latest test. WrestleMania awaits.

Ruby Riott and Natalya will kick thing off. Riott went for the early elimination, but no luck. Natalya sent into the corner, ate some forearms. Riott taunted Morgan a bit. Natalya then sent Riott into one of the support beams while Morgan was laughing in the background. She hit a suplex outside the ring. Natalya hit a sharpshooter near the pod. Riott launched Natalya into the side of the pod while Becky Lynch was watching on backstage.

Natalya continued to work over Riott as the clock ticked down to zero. Sarah Logan entered the match. She immediately hit double knees on Natalya, sending her into the pod. Logan then launched Natalya face-first into the pod. She looked to Riott who climbed up the wall and got on a pod. Logan followed. Riott tried to climb away, but Natalya got her and hit a sitdown powerbomb on the outside. Logan then leapt off the pod and Natalya took a lot of that to the face. Natalya helped take out both Logan and Riott.

Shayna Baszler entered the match. She sent Natalya into the ring post. Baszler then planted Logan, kicked her, and locked in the kirifuda clutch, Logan was out and eliminated. She went right to Riott and did basically the same thing, choking her out as well! Baszler then threw Natalya into the pod. Baszler stood her up and slammed the door into Natalya over and over again. She applied the kirifuda clutch and Natalya eventually tapped out and eliminated.

Asuka and Baszler were taunting each other while waiting for the clock to tick down. Morgan yelled that she wants to go to WrestleMania. A lot of stalling time becasue Baszler got rid of people so quickly. Morgan was the next one in and she immediately fought off Baszler. Baszler whipped Morgan into the cage and then straight into the pod!  Eventually, Morgan climbed her way to a corner and up on her feet. Baszler hit a big knee to the face while Asuka was still yelling at Baszler. Baszler stared at Asuka while lifting Morgan off the ring and literally choked her out to eliminate Morgan.

Asuka and Baszler yelled at each other until the clock ticked down. WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion entered the match. They faced off in the middle of the ring. Asuka charged a hip attack, kicked to the chest, and another kick to the face. She almost applied the Asuka lock, but Baszler rolled through it. Asuka then put it in again, but Baszler rolled out of the ring and towards the chamber wall.

Baszler shoved Asuka into the wall over and over. Asuka shook it off and went after her. Her injured wrist was bent over the rope and she yelled out. Back in the ring, Bazler locked in kirifuda clutch, but Asuka rolled out of it. Baszler then twisted Asuka’s bad wrist, lifted and planted Asuka to the mat. She hit big kick to the knee, and applied kirifuda clutch again. Asuka slowly faded and that referee called for the bell.

Result: Shayna Baszler earned a shot at WWE RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch at WrestleMania 36

Post-match, Baszler celebrated and said, “I told all of you!” Finally, WWE Elimination Chamber pay-per-view went off air.


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