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Six Man Tag Team Main Event devolve into chaos when Finn Balor & Adam Cole interrupted

The OC came out for tonight’s main event. Matt Riddle was out first for his team, followed by Keith Lee. Tommaso Ciampa was out last. They hit the ring, and the brawl started while an “NXT!” chant broke out. The brawl went to the floor. Riddle and Styles went at it while Lee and Ciampa took turns on the others. Styles and Ciampa came into the ring as the bell hit. Fans did dueling chants as they stared each other down. Styles nailed a big dropkick to send Ciampa out of the ring.

Ciampa launched himself out with a springboard, but Riddle got hit with the Phenomenal Forearm instead. He brought it back into the ring and hit a big second rope draping DDT, but Styles kicks out at two. Lee came in and rocked Styles in the gut while the crowd was hot. Styles ended up hitting a chop block to bring the big man down. Lee stared Gallows down as he came in. Fans got behind Lee before they locked it up. They collided and had words in the middle of the ring.

Gallows collided with another shoulder, and they talked more trash in the middle of the ring. Lee charged this time and moved Gallows a few feet. Gallows told Lee to bring it again. Thus, Lee ducked a right hand and knocked Gallows out of the ring with a Pounce. Gallows came in and rocked Lee, allowing him to tag Anderson in. Anderson and Lee went at it, but Lee took him down with a Crossbody. Lee stared at Anderson while Anderson yelled out in pain. Ciampa ended up going at it with Anderson.

Anderson hit a big Spinebuster, but Ciampa kicked out at two. Gallows dropped Ciampa and unloaded on him with elbows. He kept Ciampa grounded and knocked Lee off the apron at one point. Anderson came back in to keep control. Finally, Ciampa rocked Anderson with a big knee to the face. Riddle went wild on the apron while fans chanted for The Original Bro to get the tag. Riddle tagged in, and fans popped big as Styles also came in. He delivered shots to all three opponents, knocking Gallows off the apron.

Riddle hit an Exploder to Styles and a big flying shot and Exploder to Anderson. He continued to dominate Styles and Anderson at the same time while fans chanted for him. Riddle sent Anderson out and hit big a Final Flash and a Bro 2 Sleep on Styles, but Gallows broke the pin. Lee came in but Ciampa saved him from a Magic Killer. Anderson and Ciampa ended up on the floor. Lee curled Gallows and hit a big body slam. Styles ran over with a big DDT to Lee, sending him out of the ring. He countered a German from Riddle.

They traded big shots and Styles nailed a Brainbuster for a two count. So, the fans chanted “NXT!” as Riddle rammed Styles back into the corner. Styles hit a boot to the face and a forearm from the apron. He strikes with springboard in, but Riddle ducked. Lee ran in and hit a Pounce on Styles, but it also knocked the referee down. Fans chanted “holy shit!” and Lee looked around. Lee ran the ropes and clotheslined Anderson. They both tumbled to the floor. Riddle got up while fans chanted “Bro!”

He ran the ropes and leaped over, got stuck on the top rope, but still took others on the floor. Ciampa dropped Styles with a big knee in the ring. He went for the Fairytale Ending on Styles, but the music interrupted, and Finn Balor came out to a loud reaction. However, Styles took advantage of the distraction and hit a Pele Kick to Ciampa. Balor dropped Riddle on the bottom of the ramp with the 1916 move.

Styles looked out and smiled at Balor. He raised the “too sweet,” and Balor did the same from the floor while looking at Styles. The Phenomenal One went for a Styles Clash on Ciampa, but Adam Cole ran in the ring with a superkick to Styles. Cole then hit the Last Shot on Ciampa, and fans went from cheers to mostly boos. He stood tall in the ring and stared at Balor, who was staring back at him from the ramp. NXT went off the air while Balor and Cole staring each other down.

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