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Six blue brand tandems brave the Elimination Chamber in a wild title fight

Be jealous: Miz & Morrison are still holding SmackDown Tag Team gold.

Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode will enter the match last. Heavy Machinery came out to a nice pop. The New Day and The Usos will start the match. Back and forth action early on that eventually led to a stalemate on both teams. Releasing the first team Lucha House Party. LHP hit Stereo kicks to The Usos, and then springboard attacks on The New Day. Dorado nailed a springboard stunner on Jey. Metalik climbed on Dorado’s shoulders and then dropped down for a two-count. New Day tried to regain control of the match, getting everyone else down in the match.

Dorado springboarded over to the chamber wall and got his feet tied up in the chains, Basically, he ended up in a tree of woe position. Luckily, he doesn’t hurt himself, climbed up and over to a pod. Kofi and Metalik ended up on the pod with him. Kofi fell down and his fingers gets stomped on, sending him crashing to the outside. Dorado nailed a crossbody and Metalik hit a senton on New Day! Miz and Morrison entered the match. They went right after New Day at first and then cleared out The Usos. They double teamed Dorado, including double kicks. Morrison hit standing moonsault and covered but Metalik was able to break it up.

Miz and Morrison had control of the match. They nailed a Double stomp / neck breaker combo in an attempt to eliminate The Usos, but no luck. Crowd was somewhat quiet. Metalik headed up to the pod, Morrison followed, but Metalik hit kicks to the head. He hit a hurricanrana on Morrison from the top of the pod and covered but Miz broke it up. Kofi Kingston went on, taking down The Miz, boom drop lands. He hit Powerbomb / double stomp combo on Miz and covered but Morrison broke it up.

Heavy Machinery entered the match. They squashed The Usos over and over against the chamber wall. Heavy Machinery collided with Big E in the ring. Big E stunned in the middle of the ring, the big guys squashed him. Otis hit the catapiller on Big E. They went for the cover while everyone was fighting in the ring. Dorado climbed to the top of the chamber and did a moonsault from the top. A “Holy s**t” chant from the crowd. Heavy Machinvery was up and hit the compactor on Metalik for a pin to eliminate Lucha House Party.

Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode entered the match. It’s only Ziggler and Roode left. Everyone else was down, Ziggler and Roode yelled for the other guys to get up. They held the doors closed long enough for Miz and Morrison to help out. Both teams then went after Otis and Tucker but Heavy Machinery fought back. Ziggler tried to get away. Otis got him for a moment, but Ziggler went on the pod. Tucker then climbed up the other way and met Ziggler up there. He slammed Ziggler’s head against the glass.

Tucker tossed Ziggler down to Otis and gets thrown down on the top rope. He then hit a cannonball senton off the pod on the other competitors! Roode and Ziggler beat up Otis. They tried to throw him against the wall but Otis blocked it and dropped both guys. Otis hit a full head of steam at Ziggler, but Ziggler moved. Otis went through the pod glass on the outer part of the chamber and tumbled to the floor. Tucker couldn’t believe it, then focused on Ziggler and Roode. He got in the ring and threw bombs on each guy.

Ziggler went low, tried the fameasser, but missed, them landed a superkick. Roode hit a glorious DDT, Ziggler helpped with the pin to eliminated Heavy Machinery. The crowd booed. Ziggler and Roode taunted Heavy Machinery. Kofi and Big E hit their finishers on them. The Usos splash down on Roode and Ziggler for pin to eliminate Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode. It’s down to three teams: New Day, The Usos, and Miz & Morrison.

New Day and Usos initially teamed up on the champion They then attack each other. Everyone is down in the ring. Kofi climbed the top rope, Jey followed, but pancaked down to the mat. Kingston headed up to the pod and leapt off, but nobody was home. Miz and Morrison eached jump on Kofi and got the pin to eliminate The New Day. The Usos put the champs down. They each went for a splash. Miz got his knees up, but Morrison took the hit.

Each team got a pin attempt, but both ended up kicking out. The Usos missed double superkick. Jey dropped, Miz went right into a figure-four on Jimmy. Morrison hit a low dropkick on Jey. He headed to the second rope for starship pain while the figure-four was still locked in, and broke it. Miz and Morrison ate Superkick, pin attempt for a two-count. They got back up, both stacked up Jey in a pinning attempt with Miz’s feet on the ropes for the pin to retain the titles.

Result: The Miz and John Morrison retained the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Titles



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