The Golden Role Models – Sasha Banks with SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley came out first for WWE Payback rematch. They posed on the ramp as the pyro went off above them. The new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions – Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler were out next. 

Baszler stared Bayley down before the bell. The bell rang but the champs were talking, deciding on who will start. Bayley and Banks attacked while Jax and Baszler weren’t looking, clearing the ring of the champions. Baszler and Jax ended up coming back and taking the challengers off the apron. They rag-dolled them into the barrier a few times, then dropping them on the floor. Baszler worked on Bayley’s arm. Jax tagged in with a splash in the corner. Baszler hit a running knee in the corner and Jax covered Bayley for two count.

Jax hit a shoulder breaker to Bayley for another two count. She tossed Bayley across the ring and hit a back splash while she’s down, and again. Jax grounded Bayley again while Banks was looking on. Bayley looked to turn it around but Jax continued to dominate for another two count. Baszler tagged back in and worked Bayley over on the mat. Finally, Banks tagged in and went at it with Jax. Jax sent her to the apron but Banks rocked her with a pair of knees, and another.

Banks hit double knees in from the apron and then a running knee from across the ring. She climbed to the top and hit a Meteora for a close two count. Jax lifted Banks on her shoulders but Banks slide off to the apron. Baszler tagged in but Banks rocked them both, sending Baszler to the floor. Jax gets sent to the apron. Banks went to powerbomb Jax from the apron to the floor but she hung on. Bayley ran in off a tag and assisted, allowing Banks to powerbomb Jax to the floor from the apron. She blocked a Kirifuda Clutch from Baszler and leveled her with a belly-to-back suplex.

Banks tagged back in and hit a running knee for another close two count on Baszler. She talked trash to Bayley, taking her to the corner and stomping away. Banks and Bayley with quick tags, keeping Baszler down in their corner. Baszler avoided a double team and went for a Kirifuda Clutch on Bayley again but Banks broke it with a Backstabber. They tangled and Banks covered for a two count. Bayley ended up going to the top rope and hitting the flying elbow drop to Baszler for another close two count in a row.

The challengers couldn’t believe it as they showed some frustration. Banks hit a big sliding dropkick to Baszler’s shoulder on the apron. She went for running double knees on the apron against the ring post but Baszler moved and Banks crashed hard into the post with her knees. She fell to the floor and Bayley checked on her while she was screaming out. Bayley went back to the apron while Banks slowly pulled herself into the ring. Baszler met her at the ropes but Banks dropped her neck over the top rope.

Jax tried to launch herself in but Baszler sent her bad knees into the turnbuckles, then took them out with a chop block. Banks went back down hard. Baszler attacked again from behind. Banks rolled Baszler for a two count as she worked on the leg. Baszler knocked Bayley off the apron and then stomped away on Banks’ hurt leg, forcing her to scream out. Bayley ran in but Baszler grabbed her for another potential double submission like Payback. She countered and hit a Bayley-to-Belly suplex to get Banks free.

Banks ended up getting a two count on Baszler but she went right into the Banks Statement. Jax came over and ripped Bayley off the apron, then ran in and broke Baszler free from the Banks Statement. Baszler crawled to Jax and tagged her in. Jax scooped Banks into a Stretch Muffler in the middle of the ring. Banks countered with a roll-up for two. Jax grabbed Banks and put her on her shoulders. She climbed to the second rope but Bayley came from behind and pulled Banks down from the hold.

Baszler charged but the challengers went to double team slam her. She went down to the mat but Banks’ knee was giving her trouble. The challengers turned around to Jax flying off the top with a double crossbody, pinning Banks and Bayley at the same time to retain.

Result: Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler def. Bayley & Sasha Banks

Post-match, the champs stood tall as Jax’s music hit. Medics entered the ring to check on Banks’ leg. Cole said she suffered a very serious leg injury tonight while Bayley was looking on. 


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