Tom showed us a video package on how Becky Lynch had to fight off Asuka. In addition, we saw Shayna Baszler attacking and biting The Man. Becky stealing the ambulance and then returning later in the night to call Baszler back out. Back to the ring, the reigning RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch came out with a brown paper bag. She hit the ropes and posed with the titleand here came the commercial.

After the break, Lynch was in the ring with the title while some fans were chanting her name. She talked about coming to WWE for fame and fortune. Lynch brought a bunch of paper money out of the bag. She said this is her paying the fine for what she will do when she cross paths with Shayna Baszler. Lynch said this is a down payment on violence. She told WWE to go ahead and take all her money because bad things will happen when she sees Baszler.

She went on with the trash talking until Baszler appeared on the big screen. Baszler taunted Becky and talked about how she’s going to win the Elimination Chamber match to earn the title shot. She went on and said she’s going to tear the living s**t out of Lynch. So, Becky said she will be watching Elimination Chamber closely and will be rooting for Baszler. She tossed the mic and made her exit, raising the title in the air.


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