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Shane McMahon fined $100,000 for the attack on Elias at SummerSlam

Kevin Owens came out to kick off SmackDown Live. Owens took the mic while fans cheered him on. He said Monday marked five years since he signed his WWE contract. Owens has created memories he will never forget in those five years. He went on about how he’s been in the ring with some of the best in the industry. Owens said at SummerSlam; he was in the ring with someone who calls himself “The Best in the World.”

While that’s as far from reality as can be, it was a night he will never forget for many reasons. He talked about how his family was at ringside for the match, sharing the experience with him and watching him kick Shane’s ass. Owens said that’s precisely what he did. He said what he will remember most is hitting Shane with the Stunner in the middle of the squared circle. Owens will forget that moment for the rest of his life, thanked the fans.

He said now that Shane is done, he has his eyes on the King of the Ring tournament. Owens said he was a WWE fan all his life and he always loved watching KOTR as a kid. He is happy KOTR is returning and thrills to be one of the participants this year. Owens said winning the tournament would mean just as much to him as any title he has won. He commented on being on a list with WWE Hall of Famers Steve Austin, Kurt Angle, Bret Hart, and others.

Owens went on, but the music interrupted, and Shane came out to the stage with a mic. Owens asked why Shane is out here. Shane said this must be a moment for Owens – touting his tainted win at SummerSlam and his KOTR spot. He went on, but an “asshole!” chant interrupted. Shane said the fans shouldn’t be calling Owens that, but he understood where they’re coming from. He called for footage to be played that will show what a low-life Owens is.

Therefore, fans chanted, “you deserve it!”  Shane asked Owens if that’s what he calls competition if that’s what makes him a man. Owens mocked Shane and said he did whatever it took to win, especially with his job on the line. He said he has been standing up for what he believes in for weeks, and this time he shut Shane’s stupid face. Shane said Owens isn’t a real man, he’s a low-life and will always be known as a cheater. He went on about Owens being a cheater and having to deal with it for the rest of his life.

Shane said Owens should be in the unemployment line right now, not here on SmackDown.  He wanted to walk down and beat the crap out of Owens. Owens said he’d got his fighting boots on. Shane said he’s holding himself back and doesn’t want to soil his hands tonight. He told Owens would be competing tonight. Owens asked against who and Shane will inform him later. Shane showed us a replay of what Owens did to ringside enforcer Elias at SummerSlam with the steel chair shots.

He said Elias was so traumatized that he gave him the night off tonight, and because of that the WWE 24/7 Title is suspended tonight. Shane said Owens was hitting Elias with malice, but Elias was wearing an actual WWE referee jersey. He told Elias was an official WWE representative. Shane said WWE has to protect their officials. He was thinking about what needs to happen to ensure everyone is safe, specifically the officials. Shane said there would be massive repercussions. He took a while to get to the point while a “boring!” chant broke out.

Shane announced a $100,000 fine to Owens for the attack on Elias. Owens said $100,000 might be nothing to Shane, but it’s a lot to Owens and his family. He said if Shane is a man, he will reconsider this fine because it’s crap. Shane said, “Nope.” Finally, he dropped the mic on the stage and walked to the back. Owens looked on from the ring, and he’s not happy. Suddenly, Owens exited the ring and marched up the ramp while the crowd popped.

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