The Usos; Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso, came out. Roman Reigns is out straight away. If Miz meddles in a 4-on-3 handicap match, his Steel Cage match with Shane McMahon will be pulled from Sunday’s Money in the Bank. The ringer rings and Bryan begin with Jimmy Uso and they clashed and go to the floor. They run the ropes and Bryan connected Jimmy with a shoulder. Jimmy conveyed chops. Jey Uso tagged in for double in the corner and a two counts. Bryan quickly turns it around and tagged in Elias.

Fans sang for Elias, however, Jey kicked him in the face from the cover. Jey Uso goes to the top yet this reverse discharges as he arrives on his feet. He obviously harmed his leg while Elias levels him with a clothesline. Shane o Mac returns and kept Jey down with elbows on the hurt leg and taunting him. Elias returned and took Jey to the corner. Daniel Bryan tagged in straightaway. Bryan continued the assault on Jey and took out his knee with a solid shot and gets 2 counts.

Former WWE Champion mounted Jey in the corner while Reigns and Jimmy endeavor to rally the crowd. Elias and Bryan warded off, however, Bryan fights against eminent loss and pushes Jey from the top to the floor. Rowan splashed Jey and covered for a 2 tally. Elias returned and kept Jey down, squandering some time and posed over him. The Living Truth took Jey back to the corner before Shane tagged back in.  The Best in the World dropped Jey Uso with a kick.

McMahon got a kick yet Jey dropped him with his very own kick. Fans rally for Jey now. Reigns and Bryan tagged in the meantime for a pop. Reigns caught Bryan and after that stunned Rowan on the cover a couple of times. The Big Dog leveled Bryan with a major boot. Shane goes after for an unfair attack yet Reigns cautions him. The Roman Empire called for Superman Punch however needs to thump Elias off the cover as he approaches.

Bryan obstructs the Superman Punch and Rowan dropped Reigns with a clothesline from the apron. Elias tagged in and whipped Reigns against the ropes. He dropped Reigns with a massive running knee to the face for 2 counts. Rowan returned and hold Roman down for another 2 counts. Reigns looked for a rebound however Rowan overwhelms and closes him down. Moreover, Elias kept Reigns down dropping a massive elbow. Reigns hinder the right hand and battles back.

The Big Dog caught Elias with a Samoan Drop for a pop. Fans chants as Reigns looked to make the tag. Bryan and Jimmy tag in the meantime. Bryan avoids a superkick. Shane and Elias ran into superkicks. Jey tagged in and the Usos double superkicked Rowan. Bryan gets caught in mid-air and secured for a 2 tally.  McMahon made the save on Jey’s cover. Elias connected Jey with a Drift Away yet Jimmy made a save with a superkick.

Bryan charges in and hits the massive knee on Jey for a pin endeavor while Reigns made another save. However, Rowan dumps Reigns out to the floor. Also, Reigns countered with a Superman Punch. Elias threw Reigns into part of the ring’s steel steps. Shane tagged in and goes to the top to hit a major Coast 2 Coast on Jey. The Best in the World secured the pin for the win.


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