Back in in 2013, The Shield were wreaking havoc across WWE. Seth Rollins was part of The Shield alongside Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose. He was holding the Tag Team title with The Big Dog at the time. The Usos – Jimmy & Jey challenged the duo for the Championships at Money In The Bank. The match didn’t make it to the main card and was relegated to the Kickoff Show.

The 2013 edition of PPV emanated from the Wells Fargo Center. The bout between the two sides set the tone for a remarkable night. Rollins and Reigns successfully defended their titles in an intense battle.

Check out the full match that WWE recently shared on their Twitter account.  

However, The Monday Night Messiah Shared an interesting story that why he was unhappy before 2013 Money In The Bank. He revealed that all four superstars weren’t happy that the match wasn’t on the main card, and they’re out to prove a point. Rollins also said that after that night, he has never been on the Kickoff show for any Pay-Per-View.


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