After a long stint on the main roster as a babyface, Seth Rollins turned heel and has been working incredibly well with the crowd. Currently, he leads his own faction on the Red brand. His stable consists of Buddy Murphy and The Authors of Pain – Akam & Rezar. KO was the first superstar that Rollins targeted while turning to the dark side.

Kevin Owens took on Randy Orton in the main event of last night’s edition of RAW. After Orton hit a DDT on Owens off the middle rope, the referee made an incredibly quick three-count to give The Viper the victory. Owens tore up the referee’s gear to find out that he’s wearing a Seth Rollins T-shirt inside. So, a frustrated Owens then launched a beatdown on the ref, including a Powerbomb through a table.

Later, the referee’s identity was revealed.  He goes by the name of Jake Clemons and is an actual referee working for several independent promotions. Rollins denied that he had nothing to do with the ref, but has now sent a message to him on Twitter. He called the referee as “my child” and hopes that his wounds are healing well. The Monday Night Messiah added that Jake Clemons is on the right path.


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