It’s time for tonight’s main event. Samoa Joe, Kevin Owens and The Viking Raiders – Erik & Ivar came out. RAW Tag Team Champions Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy, and The Authors of Pain – Akam & Rezar were out next. Rollins took the mic before the match and went to speak but a big brawl broke out. Both teams spilled out to the floor and kept fighting. After the break, Joe was unloading on Murphy early on. Joe dropped Murphy in the corner and then nailed an enziguri.

Owens tagged in and hit a big elbow drop in the corner. Owens taunted Rollins and he tried to come in. Ivar tagged in and slammed Murphy as Erik also tagged in. Erik slammed Ivar on top of Murphy and covered for a two count. Akam ended up tagging in and beating Erik down. Erik tried to hold Akam’s leg but he got kicked. Rezar tagged in for the big AOP double team. He dropped Erik with a big knee for a two count. Rezar clubbed away on Erik. Murphy came back in and kept control.

Erik knocked the others off the apron and unloaded on Murphy. Ivar tagged in with big power moves and a splash on Murphy. He knocked others down on the apron and duke it out with Murphy. Murphy tried to use his speed but Ivar leveled him with a huge clothesline for a pop. After the break, Akam brought Owens back in the ring for a two count. Murphy tagged in and kept him down, then tossed him out of the ring. He distracted the referee, allowing Rollins to rock Owens on the floor.

We got a big fall-away slam into the barrier. Owens crawled in but Rollins rolled Murphy in to stop the tag. Akam tagged in and dragged Owens back to their corner. Rezar tagged in with a big elbow to the ribs for a quick pin attempt on Owens. He kept Owens grounded in the middle of the ring. Akam tagged back in for the double team on Owens. Rollins played to the crowd from the apron and they mostly booed him. Owens tried to fight to his corner but Akam took him back down and worked him over.

Murphy tagged in and unloaded on Owens again, grounding him to the mat. So, fans tried to rally for Owens. Owens fought up and out, trading strikes with Murphy. He rocked Murphy and then rocked Rollins off the apron with a right hand. Owens spiked Murphy into the mat with a big DDT. Joe got the hot tag and unloaded on Rollins as he also came in. Fans popped. Rollins delivered a boot to Joe and came off the second rope but Joe nailed the inverted atomic drop.

Joe kept the offense going and sent Rollins to the floor. Joe went to run the ropes for a dive but AOP got on the apron to meet him. The Vikings came in and knocked AOP off the apron. Joe and The Vikings ran the ropes, diving out at the same time on AOP and Rollins. Rollins and Joe traded shots in the ring again. He fought off the Coquina Clutch with a jawbreaker. Joe slammed Rollins with a Uranage but Murphy broke it up at two.

There’s chaos in the ring as everyone got involved, hitting some of their signature moves while the referee tried to restore order. Owens went to the top and hit a big cannonball to the floor, taking down AOP and The Vikings against the barrier, breaking it. Joe dodged a Stomp from Rollins in the ring. Murphy tagged in as Joe applied the Coquina Clutch on Rollins. Joe broke it and applied it on Murphy, bringing him down.

Rollins broke it with a Stomp while the referee was distracted by AOP on the apron. The referee didn’t see Murphy tap out to Joe. Rollins rolled back out after hitting Joe with the Stomp. Murphy immediately covered Joe for the pin to win. After the match, the heels immediately retreated up the ramp as Rollins’ music hits. They all stood tall together and stared back at the ring, laughing at the losers of the match. Finally, RAW went off the air.


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